Vivint's Doorbell Camera is a minimalist doorbell and front door camera that allows for 2-way talk with visitors via Vivint's smartphone app. More useful than a regular doorbell, and more subtle than a security camera, it's the best of both worlds.

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Thanks for hunting @matt_hilton! Please tell us more about Vivint, also curious to hear how Amazon's acquisition of Ring has impacted you (if at all) 🛎
Matt Hilton
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@abadesi No problem! Always happy to hunt. So Vivint Smart Home offers a wide variety of home security and home automation products and provides a comprehensive smart home system that integrates them all, making it easy to control from your home or your phone. And in regard to the Ring acquisition by Amazon, it happened recently enough that the overall impact is still largely unknown. However, that acquisition does provide a lot of validation in the smart home industry, which is awesome. Smart home technology is an emerging industry that many have speculated to be just a fad. Amazon showing so much interest in smart home tech provides solid evidence that tech like Ring, Vivint, and other smart home products are here to stay.
Is it still available?
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Looks really futuristic. However, since this thread is bit old, just wanted to check if there's an upgrade or latest version of Vivint Doorbell? Naveen from
Vivint has been great for my house. I am looking for a new wireless doorbell though. Here's the website i am referring, let me know if it's any good :
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