Simple way to discover what your peers and influencers read

Vivilio was created for the curious minds who want to connect with like-minded individuals over books.

It distils vital takeaways from books as suggested by your peers and the influencers you follow. And in turn, helps you decide if a book is worthy of a read for you.

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Hi, Priyanka here, founder of Vivilio. I, with a team of 6, have been building this since the past few months. Our idea is to create a simple product for book recommendation using the most effective sources of discovery (friends and peers). After surveying a lot of book lovers, we figured the major problem with reading were the following : 1. Deciding what to read 2. Figuring if a particular book will give us the right value We are trying to solve this through peer to peer and influencer recommendation of books on our platform. Few features of the product : 1. Create your very own Reading profile (like a Linkedin profile but revolving around books). 2. Organize your reading list using hashtags and share it on any platform 3. Connect with peers and influencers on the platform to know what they are reading (we are working on this social aspect at the moment) We are focusing on building social interaction among readers. The product also aims to provide users with personalized recommendations based on their interests and their peer group. Would love to hear your views of the members of this awesome community. PS: Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us!
@pritalkstop Neat product, just signed up!
@kamilszybalski Great to have you at Vivilio, were you able to create a bookshelf easily? Appreciate your feedback.
As an avid book reader I can't wait to check it out later tonight!
@jourdanb21 Can't wait to hear your thoughts Jourdan! We're hoping to make bookworms happier
How do intend to make it different from Goodreads?
@harvarddesi Better Mobile experience! Goodreads users are not very impressed with its mobile UX. This is going to be our major focus area, to keep mobile UI and UX simple and straightforward. Infact, we have built our product based on feedback from PH community and avid readers like @ryanholiday on the need of a simple book recommendation platform.
Love the concept! I'm actually really struggling using the site right now because it's slow. The search feature takes an average of over 6 seconds to load. Something as small as site speed is enough to discourage new users.
@alykumpula Hi Alyson, thanks for the feedback. Our servers are in India right now (where we are based) hence the load time, though we have tried to keep the site as light as possible. Can you share the search string for which you got slow response? We will check it at our end for any issues.
Awesome! Super excited about the concept!