A project management tool for Scrum and Kanban teams

A full-featured Scrum and Kanban tool for organizing, tracking and bringing your projects to completion. Suitable for small to mid-size agile teams.

VivifyScrum is available as a web, desktop and iOS app.

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16 Reviews5.0/5
Hi everyone, First of all, let me say that it’s a genuine pleasure to be able to write a few things about VivifyScrum. As you might have already figured out from its name, VivifyScrum is a tool (more precisely a project management tool) for teams that work within the most popular Agile framework - Scrum. Over time, it has grown to be more than just that, but we’ll get to that later. The reason why VivifyScrum exists at all is that we, as regular users of project management tools simply wanted to make a great PM tool that would fully support the Scrum framework. From the very start, we wanted to ensure that VivifyScrum remains a tool, an aid and not a nuisance that just bogs down everything in unnecessary processes and needless “bureaucracy”. As time went by, our tool has grown in pretty much every way imaginable, but we believe that we have kept it simple and to-the-point. A true no-nonsense solution, if you will. In true Scrum fashion, we have been improving our tool on a daily basis, adding functionalities and features, often incorporating suggestions and feedback from our early users (as it turns out, not everyone works like we do). As a result you are now able to create stories in Twitter-like manner, define sprint goals, manage multiple tasks at once, assign reviewers, determine your ROI and other cool stuff. While it is still somewhat leaning to software development teams, we think that VivifyScrum has a place supporting any team that wishes to work efficiently, deliver results and reduce waste. We are still far behind of our biggest competitors when it comes to money and other resources, but we are, we have a great product we are proud of and we are here to stay. Please, feel free to share your opinions, comments and suggestions on VivifyScrum. That is how we and our tool get better. Cheers, Goran Prijić, CEO
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Been using the tool for over a year, and I only have good things to say about it. Loved by both developers and managers.


Really great product, easy to use. Works really fast, even with huge amount of data


Only a hiccup or two here and there, but nothing major.

Really useful tool for agile execution!
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Thank You for creating and maintaining this wonderful product!


Easy to use, even though it has lots of functionalities.


Just keep it simple :)