Free mobile banking that comes with a metal card

Whether it’s payments, transfers, high-interest saving accounts, multi-currency accounts for your travels, spendings reports, split bills — with Vivid, managing all your finances and investing your money is easy, flexible and 100% transparent.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Read the details, 10% only in the selected restaurants and shops. The product seems a bit complicated to me. The best part is rewards in stock markets shares. And here is it: "It‘s important to point out that you don't buy stocks. We just link your savings to your chosen company stocks. Stock Rewards is a win-win game of investments but not a brokerage service." Would be great if makers can explain
Not in the US yet?
@itsbrex Not in the UK either! Help centre seems to say Germany only
10% cashback 😱 awesome
This has the potential to be a one stop for all your financial needs. I feel like the hardest part will be getting everyone to consolidate their already existing accounts into one place. But I think there's huge potential with the newly becoming adults crowd to just start with Vivid from the getgo.
In this day and age, “free mobile banking” shouldn’t be something that is prioritised in marketing. Surely that is expected nowadays?