A smart, easy way to discover beautiful destinations.

A free web platform which guides travelers who are looking for inspiration on their next destination. Based on a ranking algorithm and AI analysis, Vivere personalizes, suggests destinations along with beautiful proprietary photos and comprehensive travel guides.

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👋 Hello Product Hunters! This is our first time launching a product and we are very excited about it. We were waiting for this day for months and now we feel that the beta version of is reliable enough to be presented to the community. 📖 Story is a destination discovery platform. We are helping travelers to discover new destinations based on personalized interests and needs. To inspire and guide travelers in the research and planning process of a vacation is our goal. To do that, we exploit AI with help from the "IBM Watson" technology and we are happy to be among the first travel companies adopting this technology. The team is not new to the travel industry, with over 20 years experience in the travel and hospitality business successfully running Positioner - a cool web and consulting agency dedicated to luxury hospitality properties ;) 🚀 Technology The team is working on the product for 14 months developing the software, creating content, mapping destinations, connecting with IBM and developing our unique algorithm. We use AI in order to run semantic analysis over our content and over data available in the market but moreover in order to cognitively reaggregate this data and push across the platform running a personalized navigation path. Every day we aim to improve our performance, UX and ranking algorithm. Just today we finished an A/B test over the homepage, testing UI and CTR. 🤟Cool features -Vivere lists proprietary content. In order to inspire travelers we believe that having good quality content is crucial. -To rank and to recommend destinations we analyzed over 15 billion user generated content and we match them with travel expert reviews, travel time and weather conditions -AI provides smart results and a personalised navigation flow to travelers across the website. 🌍 Traction The major goal we want to achieve in the next couple of months is to create traction on the platform in order to test our UX assumptions and to start monitoring the business model. We currently list in the platform over 320 destinations and working hard to expand and to create new content. 💰 Revenue Professionals who know the travel industry, are aware that focusing in the inspirational / research phase of the travel decision path is the most difficult step to produce revenue and we also know that in order to create a sustainable revenue stream from the B2C markets requires a huge effort in terms of marketing and high volumes of traffic. That's why we developed and we are testing B2B business models, licensing technology and content. Thanks to this the company is already generating revenues! I'll keep you posted but please share with me and the team your feedback.
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Hello Product Hunters, I'm Daniele and with my brother Matte, we are the founders of Vivere.Travel, we have more than 20 years of experience in travel and hospitality (with our agency, which gave us a great insight in what the travel industry was lacking. Travel has always been a fundamental part of our life, who very often encountered frustrating decision and booking processes online, which is why we decided to create a inspirational travel guide that is in constant evolution, just like travelers we are. We would be pleased to receive your feedback on our new adventure ;)
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World traveler that loves to discover new destinations


Great to find destinations based on my interest. Never seen a insprinational travel finder like this


More destinations needed

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Thanks for your comment Fabian. We appreciate it. We are actually working to enlarge the destinations published on the platform :)
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