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Sofia GarnerMaker@sofiagarner_ · Community Manager
Hello out there! We’ve created ViTweet to make your tweeting process easier and funnier. No more image browsing for your text tweets, Vitweet will do the job for you. The service adds beautiful and relevant images to your tweets automatically. All you have to do is just add the corresponding hashtag to your tweet - we’ll do the rest. Futhermore you'll get not just a picture, but a background with your message in it. Another bonus, which seemed pretty useful to us is the opportunity to add your own images and hashtags, to use them with Vitweet when you'll post anything relevant. Once you’ve added them at, the service will append the backgrounds to your tweets with the corresponding hashtags on Twitter. Use this feature for your brand, product, service promotion or just for fun. Save time on pictures selection and pinning them - gain more for your tweets using media content. As one of our users said : “tweets with impact”. Hope we really help to do so :) Thank you for your attention, guys! Hope to get some feedback from you soon! Vitweet team
DarekDoesStuff@darekdoesstuff · Music composer, @RelaxingSndApp creator.
I like the idea. I tried to tweet with it. First time it told me that the tweet can't be published. So I tried again, with the same text, but this time checked "Automaticaly convert my tweets to pictures". The tweet went through, but the look, especially bulky font and composition were nothing like the nice looking example shown in the upper part of the page. Still, I upvote, becasue it can only get better. :)
Sofia GarnerMaker@sofiagarner_ · Community Manager
@darekdoesstuff Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. Vitweet allows posting on our site or automatically on Twitter. If you don't like how one of the templates look like or you would like to use your own images, you can add them in your Vitweet account and choose the templates you like (different font etc.). We're really happy to know that you like the idea of Vitweet. We'll be working to improve it :)
Tese Omesan@tese_omesan · CEO and Storyteller, The Black TCK
@sofiagarner_ @darekdoesstuff I would love to be able to tweet native images and not tweetcards involving Vitweet as a link. IS that currently possible or is that something that is in the works perhaps?
Sofia GarnerMaker@sofiagarner_ · Community Manager
@tese_omesan Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Now we can add images with Vitweet links with Twitter cards only. Unfortunately, we can't change it now :(
Tese Omesan@tese_omesan · CEO and Storyteller, The Black TCK
@sofiagarner_ Thanks for the quick response. Regardless, I do like the fact you can add your own images and hashtags.