The ultimate social video App

The video app that's changing the way You watch online!

Never miss a video, You love watching videos online - Let the app find them for you in your chosen interests and A.I. recommendations.

We are in Version 2.0 "Soft Launch" and gathering feedback and early adopters.

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Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal πŸ’Ž Board of Gen-Z 🐝
Thanks for hunting, @richie_holland :) What made you build Vitascope?
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Richie Holland
@amrith Good question! - We love to watch videos so The VITASCOPE app evolved to discover videos we actually want to watch. We wanted an app that would pull videos from the usual destinations and content platforms, would learn our viewing habits and show us the latest truely relevent content. Then we thought, what if it could also geo-locate local content, geo tag and all this connected to our social networks. Vitascope has become a project to develop the "ultimate social video viewing app". We're continuing to add features like user uploads and optimise machine learning.
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Stable app works just fine I'm looking forward to more

features in the future.


Fast easy to use all the best videos you want to watch


Not much

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