Personalized gummy vitamin packs sent to you monthly

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Okay that video was pretty epic. Does eating more than 1 pack a day harm you in any way? Gummies usually taste so good that it's hard to resist another pack... @nik_hall
@davidsfeng Eating more than a pack will not harm you, but we suggest only taking one for the most benefit without having any worries! Instead of taking multiple packs you can always add more vitamins (variety) so you can continue enjoying. Let me know if you need a coupon and we can get you started!
@nik_hall Coupon would be nice! You can reach me at if sending via email.
Good initiative. Not many vegan/vegetarian vitamin supplement products out there. I have some questions which I thought will ask here: 1. Terms and conditions page say "this is not FDA approved". How important are these? (my guess, very important). Could you let us know whether there are any plans for getting the approval? I had almost signed up but then stopped to ponder over the approvals. 2. FAQ: "Each batch of our vitamins are third party tested for: Quality, Purity, and Potency". Any reports or public data available which the users can access? 3. Any plans to push VitaFive into big retail shops? What will be the biggest challenge if there are any plans in this regard? Sorry for sounding paranoid. Vitamins are very important but also important to know the source(product) well. PS: vegan omega 3. The name sounds so divine, can't wait to order one of these.
@rangaravind aravindham, great questions. 1. There are not many vitamins that are "approved" by the FDA. Please do not get this mistaken though. We follow all FDA guidelines and are very strict on our operations! Everything is quality tested multiple times throughout the process. We will do our best to get approved it just takes a very long time to get it approved. 2. Please email me at and we will give you the available documents! 3. As of now we want to do a similar go to market as Harry's razors and dollar shave club. We will start all online and if we feel it to be necessary down the road for growth we will go retail. Also, our omega 3 is awesome and vegan. We have 5/8 vitamins that are vegan and all vitamins are vegetarian! We're excited to have you join the vitafive family. Feel free to email me for a coupon :)
@nik_hall : Thanks for the responses, Nik. Much appreciated.
@rangaravind absolutely! Please feel free to email me and I'll help get you all set up with the best vitamins! Excited to have you join
Excited to see Vitafive launch their new site on PH today! Tried them out for a month and I’m hooked. The gummies are really tasty and it’s super convenient having packs ready to take on the go. Hoping to see nootropic packs in the future 🤓
Sounds like an excuse to feed my gummy habit. Out of curiosity are the absorption rates the same with gummies vs regular tablet vitamins?
@evankimbrell hey Evan! Doctors have explained that with a gummy you absorb more nutrients because the absorption starts in the mouth rather than the stomach. Also, we make our gummy vitamins with pectin or starch rather than gelatin which is much more stable and easier to digest! We're here to make taking your vitamins as easy as possible without the hassle of pills, so you won't have to feel bad about feeding your gummy habit :)
Looking forward to trying this out!
@benkimotwichell Ben, we're pumped to have you join the vitafive family! Let me know if you need a coupon code or any help building your pack! We've got a chat bubble that Garrett and I will be on all day!