Autogenerate visual sitemaps in seconds.

#3 Product of the MonthJuly 2019
Automatically generate beautiful visual sitemaps + high-resolution screenshots of any site or web-app, making it fast and easy to perform in-depth site audits for UI, UX, SEO, and marketing research.
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Well, this was a pleasant surprise! It's been 2 years in the making.. and we're just getting started ;-) :: The Backstory :: As a product designer, I wanted to solve my own problem. Every time I had a new web project, I kept having to manually create a sitemap for myself to get an idea of the scope, then had to take screenshots of key pages to use later as a reference and in proposals. I looked for a solution and there was just nothing out there. After conducting one-on-one interviews with over 100 agency partners and web colleagues, we confirmed that I wasn't the only one with this problem. In fact, this is a problem facing UX directors, UI designers, content marketers, developers, and strategists, which opened my eyes to a variety of possible uses for the tool beyond our original scope and made us envision many other use-case potentials for the product. :: Our Vision :: To become the go-to AI-powered suite of tools for digital agencies & web consultants to empower internal + competitive visual analysis, UX workflows, design sprints, and QA throughout the full life-cycle of any digital project. :: Features Available TODAY :: + Export as PDF ( then import it into your fav design tool for further grooming ) + Advanced Filtering + Sitemap Sharing ( with non-users ) + Unlimited Team Members :: Coming Soon :: [ 🔥in-progress ] Password-Protected Site Crawling + Technical & SEO Auditing Tools Integration ( SEMrush, etc ) + Screenshot Team Commenting/Workflow Management + Page Design & Content Change Tracking + Sitemap Redesign & Forking + Mobile Viewport Screenshots + Export as Zip ( all screenshots, organized by directories ) or CSV + Sitemap Embedding *this is not-in-order* Got a Q? Ping us on live chat.
@arturmakly I've seen the product evolve and I know how long you've been working on it. Huge congrats man!
I have looked for many tool / product options to organize all pages of the company website. I have not found the ideal solution yet. I like what you wrote. Interview with many people. That says a lot about how the product is being developed. And so, I'll test, it seems that your solution fits my needs. I will be back soon with a feedback. Thank you.
@arturmakly I have known Artur for a long time and have witnessed the evolution of this product. A lot of hard work and brainstorming went into visualsitemaps and you can easily tell. Artur's projects are always thoughtful and slick, and this one is no exception!
@arturmakly. Awesome progress, impressive product. Congratulations!!
@feliphequeiroz glad to hear! really looking fwd to your feedback. thanks!
Used VisualSitemaps on both a public and private Shopify store. generates beautiful sitemaps that I have not been able to replicate with 10+ other tools I've tried. Big thanks to Jeff for the speedy support on navigating password-restricted sites. highly recommend.
Great product from great people! Congratulations, Artur, sitemaps are awesome!
As a product researcher at VisualSitemaps, I have first hand seen the hard work and passion that Artur and Luciano have put into the project. We’ve talked to hundreds of agencies and consultants, diligently listening to their workflow needs and pain-points to find a great product market fit. I'm grateful to be a part of the project, and am excited continue to watch VisualSitemaps grow - the best is yet to come!
Was just googling how to build Visual Site Maps, and by accident found this gem. Seriously impressed by it, and was even surprised it was not on Product Hunt already :-)