Get notified on visual changes of a website or website area

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Great to see VisualPing on Product Hunt, thanks @daveambrose :) VisualPing is a universal, easy to use website change monitoring and alert tool. We have 300,000 registered users and growing by about 10,000 new customers per month. Users select an area of the website they want to track set the frequency of the alert and relax. We have a forever-free plan for 2 pages a day. Folks use Visualping to track employment opportunities, product/event availability, pricing changes or promotions, housing and deal opportunities, USPS status tracking, etc. Generally speaking it can used to replace RSS feeds. Companies and business owners use Visualping for competitive monitoring, search engine ranking tracking, industry-specific news, compliance updates, requests for proposals, sales opportunities, etc. This was designed by @dermerkel and @_moertle and myself currently managed by our friend @sergesalager. I am also the founder of @frontify, a collaboration product for creative teams.
Interface is very cool. Congratulations. I understand that it is a side project. But, is it have a business model, too? How will you verify your time on this project?
Hey! Thanks for your feedback, glad you like. Actually we're adding some premium functionality soon, these features will be paid. We're introducing a credit system for that, looking forward to the feedback when it's live :)
I discovered this *today* (3 years after it was featured on PH) :-) The interface is really clean and it's quite fast to get started. I'll be using it right away. Thanks!