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Visualoop has more more than 120 award-winning data designers from established media outlets like the Washington Post, The New York Times and National Geographic.It currently hosts nearly 1,500 infographics and aims to become the go-to resource for quality data visualizations for publishers, design students seeking inspiration, as well as people who want to learn facts on various topics quickly. While anyone can view, comment, favorite, and share the infographics, the new Visualoop community allows designers to join by invitation only, in order to assure the quality of uploaded content. Designers and agencies who would like to be featured can request a membership via
@kwdinc Thanks for posting - just a minor correction,the email to apply is Cheers!
I like it. Have you thought of having something like "Hire" section or button? It could be just a button at the designers profile which will start PM with the designer.
@liborvasicek Thanks for the suggestion, Libor, and we're glad you liked the platform. Cheers!
@tssveloso @liborvasicek That's the first thing I looked for on the site as well... Having the ability to view a designer's work and then easily engage with them to get a quote would be really useful.
This is a great tool, not only for design inspiration, but also for research for content writing, product development and market research.
@illaigescheit Thanks, Illai, that's what we are aiming for, to become a useful resource for practicioners, students, educators and everyone interested in the field. Cheers!
This is really cool @tssveloso. I'm excited to see where you go as a learning resource - particularly for kids and students.