Instagram for Visual Datasets

Discover computer vision datasets by topics and keywords, or just scroll to get inspired.

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Hi everyone! Excited to share this passion project with the community. VisualData curates latest computer vision datasets and make them easier to discover from one place. It features an instagram like scrolling interface for people who want to get inspired for their projects as well as a search interface if you already know what data you are looking for. Each dataset includes cover image, description, code to help you decide if it is good for your purpose and of course the link to the creator's site. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
@flyfengjie Congrats with launch! This project can be very useful for our internal tests in What do you think about adding another types of datasets?
@alexwawl thanks! I'm interested in how you think visualdata can help with your test. Also, what types of dataset are you thinking, like NLP?
@flyfengjie We want to optimize hiring process and need data for knowledge and practical skills tests
@alexwawl sounds interesting. happy to chat further. will DM you.