Visual Studio Mac

A mobile-first, cloud-first IDE. Made for the Mac

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No Swift.NET yet?
This is ultimately just a re-branded Xamarin, and that's fine.
Mac Preview 1 now available. Release notes.
Visual Studio for Mac ... says it all
@husseinyahfoufi is that bad or good? im actually totally in love with Visual Studio Code. I think its by far the best Editor/IDE Hybrid. Its the only Windows product I'd call fantastic. If they build on that knowledge this might be great in the future.
@gopietz I think this is great! I would also love to see .Net go full open source and be more widely used. Seems like MSFT is headed in that direction.
@gopietz @husseinyahfoufi I agree! Love Visual Studio Code! I have tried Sublime and Atom, and gotta say, Visual Studio Code might be the best thing from Microsoft :D
I'm ready for a next gen IDE -- available on all platforms including iOS -- where code, dependencies, compiling and distribution are handled in the cloud.