Visual Studio Code 1.0

Microsoft's cross-platform text editor for developers

#3 Product of the DayApril 15, 2016

Visual Studio Code 1.0 is Microsoft's text editor for developers. Built-in git integration, frequent updates, and search functions for all of your development needs.

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A prime example of the resurgence and return to relevance of Microsoft. I've been using VS Code on and off for several months now and it just gets better and better with every update. At some point over the last month, VS Code has become my daily driver (I think the introduction of code folding and Atom's decision to completely and un-recoverably freeze on me were the final factors in my decision). It's fast, powerful and extensible. Looking forward to continued development now that the 1.0 release has happened on schedule.
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@frassmith This was going to be my question. Is there any reason to stick with Atom at all?
@frassmith What do you do, if you don't mind my asking? Just wondering if it might replace Atom for me too :)
@ryanjamurphy Well, I was using Atom. It froze on me. I've restarted the app and my macbook several times since then and Atom is still borked. I'm guessing the only fix is to uninstall and reinstall Atom. I'll probably do the first half and forget the second.
@hugojmd I work for ChinaNetCloud. I'm a programmer working on backend systems, mainly in PHP and occasionally in Python. When I do full web development, projects, I tend to use Coda II for its publishing support, but for the backend stuff, VS Code has become my goto editor. Over the last couple of years, I've also tried Atom, Brackets and Sublime but I VS Code hit's the sweet spot for me right now.
@frassmith I grabbed VS Code a while back - just to clarify, this is a new 1.0 release? I didn't realise I was using a beta
As of today Visual Studio Code hit 1.0 🙌
I really want to like VS Code, but it's nowhere near Sublime. The extensions are really raw still as well and not on par with Atom at this point. But, it is much quicker than Atom which has led to me testing it out a little bit more. It's just so difficult to do anything outside of sublime and work effectively. If there was a more efficient way to port sublime plugins over to VSC, I'd be all over it because I really like it on a base level... Here's to hoping.
@dnuzum VS Code hit v1.0 this week. It's brand new. What version is Sublime on? I agree with what you say about Atom, but Atom is completely dead for me and it seems will remain so until I uninstall and reinstall. As a working programmer, that isn't acceptable. Also, because Atom is based on the Chrome backend, it is just as memory hungry as Chrome. It's a nice editor, when it works, but it comes with the bloat built in. It doesn't surprise me that VS Code out performs Atom.
@frassmith Sublime is on v3 with development already being done on v4 with continued development on v3 now that they've brought Will Bond onto the team (creator of Package Control). VS Code isn't as fast or robust as Sublime with the community package support that Sublime has. Also, Code has crashed a few times on me with larger files. Of course Atom has as well. Sublime is the only one that has continued to outperform anything else that I've used.
@dnuzum This sums it up pretty well. I think Microsoft have done commendable work, but there's still a way to go. VS Code feels noticeably slower than Sublime for me, and seems to lack incredibly basic features (like tabs, which was the first thing I noticed). Another small thing: 130mb vs 27mb for Sublime! Nice to see there's a UserVoice site to vote on features though.
@iamsebj @dnuzum Seb, I agree, tabs would be nice, however, the files that you are currently editing, are shown in a separate section of the sidebar. Those are essentially your tabs, albeit in a vertical format instead of horizontal like Sublime, Atom etc. I've grown to like the layout because, if you're going to have a sidebar open anyway, you can save some screen real-estate for the editor windows by integrating your 'tabs' with the sidebar. Ultimately, it's just a personal preference. I have two personal gripes with VS Code; One, I don't particularly like the overly bright status bar colour scheme and; Two, it looks as if code folding is based on indentation levels and not the actual code syntax (this is an Atom failing too).
@dnuzum @frassmith It always will because it's a native application.
Microsoft took some many great initiatives, we will see if it wasn't too late
@chrisdias Are there any plans for the Visual Studio IDE to hit Mac as a native App? VS Code is good, but the full version would be nicer :)