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Microsoft have been making huge efforts to win back developers lately. They've moved a lot of stuff to github, they released Visual Studio Code (lightweight and free code editor), added more support for non-Microsoft languages like NodeJS and Python.. generally steps in the right direction. Looks like they're continuing this with VS 2017. Basic key points are: - Faster installation: with more intelligent package grouping based on frameworks/languages/platforms - Reduced Bloat: A ton of performance enhancements that make VS ideal for editing large projects or single files. Includes a performance center - Better Azure integration (That's a given) - Integration with GIT at the UI level - do everything you need within the IDE At the moment I use visual studio when I need to edit a C# project (rarely)... but if the performance improvements really are as good as they advertise, then it may become my go-to code editor.
This looks like a significant update to Visual Studio, will check this out :)
Congrats to the VS Team! I know how large & complicated a release this was. I hope you guys are celebrating in 17.
Still the best IDE going.
As they focus more towards opensource, this should be definite game changer for MS