Visual Studio 2015

A new iteration of one of the great IDEs

It may not make me popular around here, but I've been using Visual Studio since before it was called Visual Studio. I'll check this out for sure.
New editor is almost instant yet with all refactorings and auto-complete in place. For a TypeScript developer, the best IDE. Probably, only Intellij can match. Mostly, for better shortcut system and better refactorings, but lacking a little on integration with tsc. Still have to try new Grunt integration in VS.
You know, I absolutely love VS. I learned how to code on this IDE, and Intellisense and a built in compiler just makes it a lovely IDE for me. And now with Blend, just makes it more icing on the cake.
VS is great! Haven't come across another application that does the same.
Yep, I use it for all of my Windows Apps.