Visual Stories

AMP Story builder, blogging and content marketing platform

Visual Stories is a blogging and content marketing platform that empowers you to create awesome posts using the AMP Stories format. AMP Stories are Instagram-like Stories that are search engine friendly. They are visually engaging, fast loading, immersive user experiences. Start a visual blog on your own website, or guest blog on other websites.

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Integrate Snapchat/Instagram-like Stories on your website. AMP Stories are visually rich, fast loading, highly engaging immersive user experiences meant to grab the attention of users and keep them enthralled. VisualStories makes creating AMP Stories super easy.
Looks like a great way to empower creators with a simple UI for develop AMP stories ๐Ÿ™Œ Are creators able to embed the content on their own websites?
@lachlankirkwood yes creators can embed Stories via iframe, but even better way is they can have AMP Stories directly on their site on a subdomain, so their site ranks in search engines. Details:
We have published 9,795 AMP Stories till now. All these Stories are not hosted on but on 65 other websites. itself doesn't host any AMP Stories. It is setup such that when you create AMP Stories with its tool, the Stories get hosted in one of the websites in its network. You can either add your websites (or a subdomain) in the network or submit Stories on other websites that are already in the network. Here's one example of a website from our network:
really nice app for marketing purpose and AMP Stories are Instagram-like Storie very helpful in nowadays you can watch live streaming matches and highlights on this sports app. Now you can easily Download GHD SPORTS Apk for Android devices
Honestly, I find the format distracting. Tried to read a couple of the example stories and there is too much movement. I like the idea of small snippets though
@anna_0x Thank you for the suggestion. We'll decrease the animation time to minimize distraction
@anna_0x we have decreased the animation time. Your suggestion was great.
Hey Hunters, if you have any questions or feedback about the platform, let me know.