Visual Caffeine by HEAVN

A smart desk lamp that boosts your focus and wellbeing.

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Hey Product Hunters, Stephan from HEAVN here. We’re super excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign. If you are ever tired in the morning and/or sleepless at night this product is for you. Visual Caffeine from HEAVN boosts your focus, supports your biorhythm and looks amazing.  Based on the latest scientific findings, we have built a product with a full spectrum closely resembling the sun, an app to customize it and an API for third-party integration. Our light changes throughout the day just like the sun does, and if you ever feel tired, press the Coffee Button to get a 30 minutes boost of energizing light. Effectively, you get 3 lamps in one: Visual Caffeine combines a desk lamp, dynamic direct light and floor uplighter in just one device. Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
This seems compelling, but it's hard to justify a ~$550 price tag. Why is it so expensive?
@chrismessina Thanks! We get this question asked quite a lot. Here are the reasons: * HEAVN One is a high quality product. It is made in Germany and contains more than 200 of the newest technology LEDs to give you best quality, both in lighting and mechanics. * In addition to being high quality, the HEAVN One includes more parts than many other lamps, such as a microcontroller with Bluetooth and high quality LEDs of different colors * Other high quality lighting products from German manufacturers cost 999+ € while delivering a much less sophisticated control software and LED power, so actually we are less expensive. * So compared to other lamps, we provide a good price-performance-ratio. We do not only deliver a illumination of your desk. Instead, it is three lamps in one containing more than 200 LEDs. The sheer number of LEDs and the high production quality are the main cost drivers. * So actually it is quite inexpensive. Based on the scientific studies, we calculated that Visual Caffeine will save you a few thousand euros each year - it pays off in year 1. In any case, stay tuned, as we will release a low budget version in the next few days.
It looks like a very nice lamp
I'm indoor most of the day so I have to actually set reminders to go outside and get some sunlight for vitamin d. Any way this lamp could supply that? That way I could really be a hermit crab and never have to go outside. Jk, but seriously, any way this lamp could / does provide vitamin d? Not even sure if any artificial light could do that, but I figured I'd ask.
@anodigital Thanks for your feedback! Our product does not provide any vitamin D, because an overdose of vitamin D is very unhealthy., and vitamin D is transmitted through the skin and not the eyes. Additionally, most of the positive sunlights effects (activation, steering our circadian rhythm etc.) of sunlight are actually independent of UV.
Love the product, but you cut off David Austing mid-speech:
@joshuapinter Thanks for the heads up! I will change this asap. We had a different version of the video until yesterday.