Infographics of famous people in history, including: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Leonardo, and Mark Zuckerberg. Find out how they got started, and create your own with the Adioma infographic maker tool, that creates infographics with icons, grids and timelines.

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Hi guys, this is a collection of visual biographies we created over several years, most recently using Adioma as our visualization tool. The idea started with a desire to better remember what we read in books. I would love to hear suggestions about who we should visualize next. Thank you for reading. UPDATE: Here is what the creation process for these looks like.
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@annavitals As I can find a pricing section in your website, that means this "collection" was created with a specific purpose (to generate leads)?
@dainiskanopa We started this collection with no specific purpose back in 2014. Since then, we created an infographic tool that makes it faster to build this type of infographics. It's
Interesting way to measure a life. I wonder what mine would look like. πŸ€”
@gabriel__lewis You can do it with a tool we built since we did this project. It builds this kind of timelines.
This is really great... assuming this can be done not just for Tech people, here are a few people that would be worth doing: 1. Mahatma Gandhi 2. Albert Einstein 3. Pope Francis [I'm not religious just thought of influencers] 4. Napoleon Bonaparte etc..
@exlemor Emmanuel, thank you for the suggestions. We already visualized Einstein's life here.
@annavitals Thanks, really great, I shared them on my Pinterest - the only sad part is how we as a society have gotten to the point where sound bites [and visual soundbites] is about the only we process anymore ;(
@exlemor I hope that these motivate people to read more, not less. It's not a substitute for books, but more like a visual summary. I've seen some authors use our tool make infographics for their books. On the other hand, we can always make the infographics themselves more informative. I think about that a lot - how to pack more meaning into a tight space.
@annavitals Wish I could double Upvote on that comment - I agree I'd like to hope that it would make people read more not less but... Great job either way!
@exlemor @annavitals while this is a popular statement, it is also a myth. There has been no reduction in attention span that is in any way measurable. Indeed, the "short attention span" argument has been made since the 1950's always without any data to support it. According to all of the publishers out there, long form content outperforms short form content to this day.
Your visualisation tool is amazing, congrats Anna and Mark - well done
@steveraffner thank you, Steve. Glad you found it useful
Hey Anna! I really love your website! I bumped into it last weekend while googling some research about start-up funding so its so awesome to see it pop up on PH. I loved they way you've visualized the biographies, though I also found that the notes that you included below the infographic was just as important to have as a follow-up to the images. I almost skipped them when I was done with the infographic so I think you should incorporate them as part of the infographic at the bottom as text notes, b/c I think most people would skip that over too, but it enhances the visual timeline 1000%! Otherwise, amazing work. I think you should do Trump next and the key players of his administration. Fact checking these guys and disseminating that info, I think that's some viral stuff! Especially when you can compare his "businesses" with legit companies.
@carmensandiego Good point, that mostly happens because people share the graphic without crediting. Need to think how to incorporate all that text into the graphic without making it look too busy.
@carmensandiego Great suggestion, Alexis, we are doing Trump right now. 70 years worth of facts to check!