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Visor is an online tax filing and advisory solution that removes the hassle and complexity from doing your taxes. Our experienced team will help you file your return and advise year-round for a flat fee.

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Visor is your new personal tax advisor. U.S. taxes are complicated and managing this can save you a significant amount of money in the long term. We saw an industry where finding an accountant means searching on yelp, paying a high hourly rate and not having access to year-round advice when you can actually use it! Those filing for themselves often struggle to know if they’re missing out on savings or how to respond to the IRS if they make a mistake. Visor is a hybrid approach. We are a full service personal tax firm with 40+ tax advisors based in Atlanta, Georgia that use our technology. We take a lot of boring, inefficient work out of the process for them (such as emails and data entry). So that they can focus on working with customers directly. These efficiencies lets us give you access to an accountant anytime you have a financial decision, instead of just at tax time for a flat annual fee. Today we're announcing we've raised $6.5M from Obvious Ventures, Social Capital, Lux Capital, Box Group and more.
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@brackin This is baller. Really would love to add you guys to You'd make a great "companion" to Bench
@brackin I tried to do that, but after going through the whole questionnaire, it asked to confirm my email at the end of filling out the form. I never received the email. Tried a few times (refilling out the questionnaire each time). I tried reaching out on your contact form, and the same thing, couldn't get through. I sent an email to, it said it wouldn't go through.
@brackin why don’t you have a customer derive phone number? Waiting to receive messages from my “tax advisor” is like pulling teeth. I am still doubtful my taxes will be filed by the 15th.
Congrats on launching! Love the landing page and messaging. A lot of my friends struggle with startup stock options. Vesting period, early exercise, strike price 409A. All of these concepts are very confusing and online information + internal company comms can often be difficult to parse. Do you offer tax advice to help startup employees think through when/how much to exercise and the tax consequences?
@realsimonburns Absolutely. We're working on a huge set of content created around some of these complex tax issues with startup options/stock being the first topic we're going to cover. Because of the diversity of experience in our team, we have a number of experts in this field that have worked with hundreds of previous tech employee clients. Due to the nature of year-round advice, we can offer support/guidance at every step including when you first receive your options, when you've hit your cliff, before a major funding event and after the company exits. If you're exercising a large amount of stock we can also help you understand AMT and how to optimise this year's income.

I can't think of any other way to handle my taxes.


Great solution to a real problem


Can't think of any con

This comment is outdated, since this was posted, they have gone through a complete rebranding and reorganization. They have a completely different service model now and it is not what it was in 2017.
@brackin This looks beautiful, I can’t wait to try it out

Horrible product! Run away! Made several mistakes in my tax filling.


If everything goes well, it is good


Horrible service. Made several errors. Don't recommend.