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#3 Product of the DayApril 02, 2015

Visor is an online tax filing and advisory solution that removes the hassle and complexity from doing your taxes. Our experienced team will help you file your return and advise year-round for a flat fee.

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Here's another addition to Teleportation Apps collection. @besvinick first showed me Visor a few weeks ago. While interesting, I'm not sure how often I want to request a photo of a specific location, considering the ~30 minute wait. Now, if it was near real-time, that would be very compelling and certainly feasible in the coming years as wearables + livestreaming gains adoption. Right, @kayvz? 😉
@besvinick @kayvz @rrhoover thanks for your interest in Visor. We just launched a new version last week (Friday March 27) and it's a big step forward in UX and fulfillment speed. You'll often receive live photos of locations in New York in just a couple of minutes. Fulfillment times in this new version are down by more than 50% and we've seen a nearly 7X increase in volume of new requests since the update. Feel free to check out the new version and let us know what you think. While we're officially limiting our support to New York City for the moment, we'll be announcing other cities shortly and we're confident Visor is much closer to the 'very compelling', instant gratification paradigm you're excited about (and we are too!)
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@besvinick @kayvz @rrhoover @nycjw It's interesting. I just like this type of product in general. could be interesting to use Twitter or other platform to help spread the request
@besvinick @rrhoover @alexyoungkwon Thx Alex. Yes especially given what a great job @kayvz and others have done leveraging Twitter, we think there may be something useful in that for certain aspects of Visor.
This is an idea I have been working on for the past week or two but with live streaming, allowing people to request others to livestream a specific location/event. Really cool for validation to look at an app like this!
@immatthamlin Hey Matt thanks for your comments, it's always nice to hear about people working on big and/or similar ideas! We're definitely excited about the implications of live video by request and are in final stages developing/testing this feature for inclusion in Visor. If you'd ever like to chat, feel free to tweet at me personally or send an email to info AT and someone will reach out to talk.
@tjlivesey thanks for your interest and welcome to the Visor community! We've just started to see growth in London and other cities nearby and we're thrilled for the interest and support of early adopters in these places. Yep, as mentioned in a comment above, our next build of Visor (coming very shortly) will allow you add a financial reward to your request. With this you'll be able to offer someone e.g. $1, $2, or $5 to quickly claim and complete a request. And likewise, if you're on the responding side of a request, you'll be able to earn $ for sending simple photos/videos around town. Don't hesitate to let us know how you're finding the experience in London as it grows!
Cool idea and just tried a request! But man, Facebook login *and* phone number seems excessively speed bumpy on first use. Also, you're sending mobile notifications and text messages, and you're sending two for each photo (received and completed) meaning 4 total buzzes on my phone. Not a great experience. SMS is overkill. Anyway, nice work and congrats on the launch!
@tarikh thanks for the kind words and feedback! Yep we're looking at some of our stats and may strip out phone validation and drop sms alerts. We had this included for a few reasons but we're questioning whether the benefits outweigh the 'bumpiness' you (rightfully) mention. We'll likely take some action on this very shortly. Thanks again and warm welcome to the Visor community. Let us know how you're enjoying things as the community & product grow!
Love the idea about being able to get some insight into how long a line is.
@kristofertm thanks! Yep that's one of many use cases we're really excited about. Welcome to the Visor community and let us know how it's working for you as we grow.