Your location timeline. Automatic and Private.

Visits automatically keeps track of all the places you’ve been and makes that available to you. See where you are spending your time and how often you visit a place. Keep the app on your phone for a few days and you'll find all the places you've been. it does not collect your location data or share any data with advertisers or third parties.

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Hi @fe_tech, I can see the benefit of this app in comparison to (e.g.) Google Maps Timeline when it comes to privacy, but that's about it, or not? Also, iOS already keeps track of the locations you visit. Does your app show you the same list, but just with a different UI? Or are you doing something different? Also, do you have a specific use case in mind for this app?
@metaminds Hey! Tough questions.. but we have thought of both of them. Firstly Google does upload your data and our app does not... but more than that on iOS google timeline only shows you places you navigate to. Our app shows you every place you’ve been. Next. Not many people know about significant locations on the iPhone because it’s buried so deep in the settings and when you do get to them it’s organized by area not by time. If you use our App for a few days it’s just so much easier to get a sense of where you’re spending your time. Lastly, we’re on a warpath to add some interesting new features in the coming months. Hope this covers everything! Cheers Rohan
@metaminds @lucasdantur Hi,I checked again and yes they seem to have added it recently. We feel we have a more focused app and that allows us to add more relevant features in the future.
@fe_tech Thanks for your answers. I will be testing your app for a while to see how well it functions. (I have a specific use case in mind that it might be useful for.)
@metaminds Great! Let us know how it’s going
This is great. But how do you distinguish where I have been when moving through a dense city. You just store addresses and not locations ? I’m an active swarm user and I use it to just keep track of all places I visit and then later search through, recommend or put it on a map. What other features are you thinking to add to the app ?
@trolling42 We do have a map in fact it’s one of our main features. It works fairly well in a dense city. Go try it out and send us your feedback.
@trolling42 @fe_tech I'm also a heavy user of swarm and will be checking out Visits
@trolling42 @fe_tech I'll be keeping an 👀on that 🔋life being that it should be set to 'Always On' 👍
@trolling42 @ssieg That's great! Send us your feedback.
Hi. So excited about your app. I’ve used Moves for a long time, but then it stopped working. Sadly it is not available in Russian App Store. Is it US only at the moment? Could you please open it to the rest of the world?
@ivan_degtiarenko Right now we just don't have the ability to handle so many countries and we can't guarantee the accuracy of Apple Maps. Let's see in the future.
I have thousands of check-ins recorded on my Foursquare account. It would be absolutely wonderful if Visits could import that data so that I don't lose all the history when I switch from using Foursquare to using Visits.
@magnuson Thank you for the suggestion we will look into it and see if it’s possible.
What's the difference between this and Swarm?
@zappe We're a utility tool that helps you manage your time better.