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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunterPro@nikkielizdemere · SaaS Consultant & Community Growth
Here's their new video that explains the product. 💛
David Wachs@davidbwachs · Founder, Handwrytten
@nikkielizdemere Sorry, but this video is just a bunch of people hugging and giving each other high-fives.
Lindsay BayukMaker@lindsaybayuk
@nikkielizdemere Thank you! And hello Product Hunters! We made Visitors to help startups and small teams see who’s on their websites in real-time and start conversations with them. The goal is to help get more leads and sales by talking to more people. With Visitors you can see details about anyone on your website (like past interactions, referral source, location, pages viewed, time on site, etc.). We think engaging website visitors by saying hello and helping them with a question or a purchase is super important. And it’s free to try Visitors from Pure Chat. We’d love your feedback!
Hamid ShojaeeMaker@hamids · Founder
One cool thing about Visitors from Pure Chat is that it's completely free!
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
There are a lot of live chat alternatives out there. What are the biggest benefits to using Visitors?
Lindsay BayukMaker@lindsaybayuk
@bentossell hey ben! our customers who've been using Visitors in Beta have told us they love being able to see their website traffic in real-time. for small teams, they like being able to see exactly how someone navigates through their website and being able to reach out and help. it's really the pairing of real-time website analytics with live chat that helps them start more conversations and get more leads from their website. plus they find Pure Chat really simple and easy to use (instead of being cluttered with a lot of other features).
Nick Coates@gadgick · Building little web products to 🚀
@lindsaybayuk @bentossell I'd like to see this actually demonstrated more in the video rather than people hugging. Ben's right, there's so many alternatives out there, what makes Pure Chat stand out? Right now, I'm not quite convinced 🙈
David Wachs@davidbwachs · Founder, Handwrytten
@lindsaybayuk see you're based in scottsdale... from one phx startup (recently in phx) to another... nice work!
Lindsay BayukMaker@lindsaybayuk
@davidbwachs thanks so much! glad to meet another phx startup, too!
David Wachs@davidbwachs · Founder, Handwrytten
I will say I find it ironic that I go to your web site on product hunt day and there's no chat option...
Arielle HurstMaker@ariellehurst · Marketing, Pure Chat
@davidbwachs Our super support team has to eat (occasionally) so our chat box was hidden earlier 😄 Check our site now to see it!