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Found this and thought it was cool. What I really wanted to see was how far I had been from the place of my birth in every direction. For example, I know that St. Petersburg is the furthest North I've been and Azerbaijan is, I think, the furthest East....but the furthest West and South I have no clue! That's a product I'd really like to see!
@UXAndrew If only I could port over my entries from TripAdvisor.... this looks cool though.
@erictwillis I think there's a way to do it. I planned out a product called (It has design and the domain) that was meant to just be like/dislike per country, but we never launched. I love maps!
@UXAndrew I'm going to read the documentation over there now. I love maps too....been fascinated with them my entire life and looking at maps sparked my travel bug as a kid. I still have a ways to go, but I'm closing in on 50 countries.
@erictwillis If you ever make it to Israel, let me know :-)
@UXAndrew Sweet. Israel is definitely on the list.
This makes me miss Dopplr.