Real-time artistic photo and video effects

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So I got to test this a few days ago. I LOVE the interface, so simple, no fluff - really good IMO This will undoubtedly have comparisons with Prisma... so I'll kick it off with why will people use this over using Prisma? They have more filters at the moment and are free... This being a paid app, it could be a barrier for people which means they dont even get to experience the interface before deciding they dont want to download it.... I think in-app purchases may make sense here, pay to unlock secret filters, exclusive filters etc (I get that you have to make money and am not moaning about monetisation ha) That being said the makers have been awesome and providing promo codes for those PHers who are quick enough!
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@bentossell I agree; free to trial would be a great move vs the paid wall barrier. Looks interesting but as Ben mentioned Prisma is free so its hard to justify throwing $$$ on something just to trial it when alternative free options exist.
@ernestsemerda we were expecting a lot of comparisons to Prisma. Yes, our app falls into a similar category of artistic photo/video editors, but thats where the similarities end. Rather than tell you all the ways we're different, I'd rather show you. Email me at and I'll get you a promo code.
@befunky Hi Derric I sent you an email last week but haven’t heard back. Any codes left?
@jasonology hmmm I don't see your email. Can you email me again? I have a promo code for you...
Thank you @bentossell for hunting us! 9 years ago, we debuted an online Video Cartoonizer that went on to be a finalist at the first TechCrunch 40 (now TC Disrupt). Soon after our debut, photography saw explosive growth which led us to shift our focus to photo editing and brought about BeFunky's Photo Editor. Now that video is becoming more accessible and experiencing similar growth, we’re releasing a mobile version of the app that started it all! With Visionn you can preview and capture effects in real time, no more waiting to see the results. Our effects are built with our own patented technique and have been constantly refined for the last 9 years, you can’t find effects like ours anywhere else. All the effects work right on the device without using data or wifi. We have some promo codes available for Product Hunters, if you’d like one send an email to
@megatanner -- i love your presentation video ..:) If you planned to release the Android app, I'll be happy to use it. Cheers...
Team Befunky, your efforts are appreciated, interface is great!! Although I support what @bentossell mentioned as barrier; for me user get agree to pay for advance or exclusive features, compare to initial paying!! Rest all is amazing!
@aankitmishraa of course there are always reservations when it comes to paid apps, we put a lot of thought into our business model. We chose to go this route based on our experience with our other 2 photo editing apps and how much more positive an experience our users have had with our paid apps.
@megatanner Completely Agree; respect your thought!!
Wow! These filters look really clean; that shot of the girl running in the field looks great! @megatanner by "real-time" do you guys mean you can flip through these filters on a pre-recorded video or are these filter effects being done "in-camera?"
@powersurf thank you for the feedback on the effects! When we say 'real-time' it is actually referring to both. You can capture media in real time with the filters, and when it comes to post processing media from your camera roll, you can swipe through the filters and instantly preview them. No matter how you use it, there is never any waiting to see the results.
I had the pleasure of beta testing this app over the last month and the real time filters are a fun feature. You can record raw video and apply a filter after, or you can record in real time with any filter and put more effects on top, which creates very unique videos/photos. The simple UX/UI is also a great feature. I love taking videos and photos, but I don't want to always want to share on a social network.