Vision AI to increase customer engagement and conversion

The eye is the original human search tool. Traditional search experiences are keyword based and thus lead to a limiting experience, we set out to fix that.

Visii recommends and displays products your customers didn't realize they want based on their real time visual preference profile leading to a more natural feeling search experience.

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Hi Product Hunters, My name is David and I am the Founder of Visii, a Vision and intent analysis AI platform. Thanks so much to @bkochavy for hunting us We built this platform to make content and products more easily discoverable using the latest developments in Deep Machine Learning. Stemming from a R&D project we launched Visii to make visual content easily and intuitively discoverable. Businesses can provide better search experiences and recommendations using the assets they already have: their images. In case you want to play around with our tech we have a few demos we've created: We have two live experiences with Saatchi Art Some other interesting experience using an AI assistant: And the most fun one is on food: We also have a fun demo related to understanding a human's type: Thanks for checking out Visii. Feel free to share, upvote, or reach out for a personalized demo! Really looking forward to your feedback and suggestions! Thanks, David
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Whoa just tried the art search thing. Pretty cool!
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Have watched the development of this product and it has got better and better and easier to use


Easy and effective



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Revolutionary and intuitive way of searching for products
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