Simple client scheduling with SMS text reminders

#5 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2016
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Hello Product Hunt! Visibook is a simple, powerful client scheduling app. It's the easiest way to book clients and send SMS text reminders! The app features: 1) Custom booking link 2) Automatic reminders 24 hrs prior to appointments 3) Google calendar sync 4) Integrated client messaging 5) Payment processing Anybody that has lots of clients can use Visibook. It's simple to use: 1) You create availabilities 2) Clients book an available time (no acct required)
@brian_choe how is this different from Acuity Scheduler (which I use) and other competitors? I can't seem to find any point of differentiation.
@peter_enestrom Visibook uses availabilities that users can easily create and change from within the calendar grid. We also offer iOS and Android apps, and integrated instant client messaging.
@brian_choe I'm using calendly right now. Why should I switch? Here's your chance to steal me as a customer.
@datarade Key reasons to give us a shot: 1) iOS / Android app, 2) automatic SMS text reminders, 3) integrated instant client messaging
Solid product, generous free plan for scheduling time on someone's calendar. Will definitely put this to use!
Did you build this just for me? My consulting practice will be taking on more strategy and founder coaching work in 2017 = scheduling hell. Visibook allows me to define services available by timeslot, and it took me all of 15 minutes to set up. (Lifehacker geek here, but I know what time of the day I do my best analytical work: not the best time to be working on something that uses the other half of my brain.) I'm excited to see where you take this app -- such a huge improvement (OMG, SMS reminders!) over other services -- in the future.
@kkdub Awesome! Happy to hear that you're enjoying Visibook!
Oh my god! I love it. I can't get it to hide the "First set up availability" message and it covers a lot of the screen.
@tpbtv Hey Alex! Thanks! Once you set your first availability, that message will disappear.
would be nice if we can just show the available slots to the clients and not the entire calendar O.o i wanna have just one open slot every week and is hard to use for some people if they see the full calendar and a tiny button available