Your video wishes for any occasion. Christmas greetings app.

Visheo is a surprising, easy and special way to greet friends and family on Christmas or any other occasion. Using Visheo mobile app you can create cute video greeting in seconds. Nothing is more heartwarming than sincere words said personally. In combination with a greeting card, nice photos and holiday music Visheo creates unforgettable emotions!

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Hi guys, We designed Visheo mobile application to help people to be closer to each other. As a man who travels a lot I know how important it might be to see your friends and family in person. Especially when you are far from them on holidays. Messages, emoji and e-cards are just not enough - it won't replace seeing a person's face. On other hand sending just a selfie video or calling might be awkward. So we came up with the idea of creating short greeting movies. I did such movies for my relatives and friends manually in the past, and it took plenty of time, though it was really touching. Our challenge was to come up with a format that helps to create cute videos in seconds. And so we did Visheo. Visheo combines 4 elements in order to tell greeting story in a short movie: 1. Greeting card that sends the first message 2. Personal pictures to share the mood 3. Video Wish - short video recorded for a person 4. Holiday music that creates special atmosphere Greeting cards and music for various occasions we deliver in the application, the rest people contribute themselves. The application then carefully compiles it all together. We tried to make it as simple as possible, and finally Visheo takes seconds to make. The application uploads ready greeting movies to the online storage, and provides a link that is easy to send. Try it out with the coupon code “HUNT” that gives 10 premium Visheo Cards for free.
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Good luck pals!


Easy to use and create the video wish


There are alternative (maybe not that easy, but still there are a lot)

Andriy, thank you for using VisheoApp ! Actually, there are tones of alternatives like e-card, and obviously it's possible just to make the video call, but there is no such a tool which combines qualities of the greeting card and video congratulation.
Dear hunters, please, welcome our mobile app - Visheo - Video Wish Cards! Creating your Video Wish is fun and easy: 1. Select occasion and greeting card you like. 2. Add memorable photos. 3. Record your Video Wish. And VisheoApp will do the rest. Magic! In a seconds your addressee recieves heartwarming video greeting for Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, and so on. Find us at App Store, and version for Google Play is coming next week. We have worked hard to make this idea live, and now we are looking for two things: your sincere appreciation and your constructive criticism. Yes, we are just a startup and the most valuable thing for us are your comments - both positive or negative. And we will do our best to grow this MVP to a great product. Visheo is just a simple tool, but it could do magic with your creativity and imagination added! Please, use this coupon - "HUNT" - to test VisheoApp with 10 premium cards. And when you like it, and need another special coupon to share with your readers or followers — do not hesitate to contact us :-). Thank you for your attention, and Happy Holidays!
Dear ProductHunters! Thank you for your support, and here is my Christmas Video Wish for all of you -
So sweet product and just in time!
Great app! Good luck, guys!