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Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
Hi everyone! I'm a co-founder and product owner at Visage. Thanks to @nikkielizdemere for hunting us! In the 16 months since we launched our new design editor (Visage 3.0), we've been collecting feedback and watching carefully to see how people have been using our tool. Our 3.0 release was focused on helping marketing teams produce great content at scale. What we've learned is that many are using it for content outside of marketing, to enforce brand style and empower their teams to create, simply and consistently. While our product previously allowed for a bit of this, much of it focused on simple social graphics and the like. We've just released an entirely new library of 350+ templates for creating reports, presentations, infographics, eBooks, and other visual content. These templates are flexible enough to apply your own branding, while maintaining the quality of the design. They all work well in combination with each other, so you can select from anything in the library. We've also launched an integration with Google Sheets, allowing users to automatically populate a report or infographic with updated data, making it simple to create dozens or hundreds of reports very quickly. We'd love to hear what you think, and would appreciate any feedback you share!
Lee Sherman
Lee Sherman@lsherman · Content Strategist
@rtcrooks congrats!
Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
Thanks, @lsherman - appreciate the support!
Luke Hagenbach
Luke Hagenbach@ocluke · smarter real estate decisions
@rtcrooks @nikkielizdemere you had me at integration with Google Sheets.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great stuff! One feedback ,there could be some flexibility on the pricing on my mind it is quite high. Thanks
Jason Lankow
Jason LankowMaker@jasonlankow · CEO, Visage
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush, our pricing is geared towards supporting larger teams (especially our Enterprise plan, which also includes data integrations) but we love startups and do our best to be flexible with smaller companies and non-profits. In particular, we get creative with bundles when a brand team needs some help getting templates designed and data connections going.
Zaheer Merali
Zaheer Merali@zaheer_merali · Entrepreneur, advisor, startup COO
@jasonlankow - first off, interesting product that I think can help fill a significant gap in the marketing/sales stack. However, I have a similar perspective to @ayush_chandra, but I would reframe it... I think you're a little off the mark on value, even for enterprise customers - it's not just about price - it's about the benefits available at a particular price point. At $50 and $400, with no data integrations/Zapier integrations, etc. it's a bit much - that's the group of customers that need all the help they can get because they're the ones wearing multiple hats. At the same time, I work with a lot of Enterprise customers that would view the benefit/feature set as too limited relative to the price. There's a long list of Enterprise features missing. I think this product can be a strong B2C2B play, but I don't think the value equation works well enough yet to do that.
Jason Lankow
Jason LankowMaker@jasonlankow · CEO, Visage
@zaheer_merali thanks for your constructive feedback, we appreciate it.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunterPro@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
With a stupid-simple editing experience and a library of 350+ good-looking templates, Visage helps teams create all the on-brand reports, infographics, presentations, ebooks and social graphics they need to effectively communicate in the working world today.
Avi Muchnick
Avi Muchnick@avimuchnick · Cofounded Aviary & Worth1000
This release looks amazing. Great work Ross and Jason!
Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
@avimuchnick - Thanks, Avi! We're really excited about it. Thanks for your support and all the free advice. :)
Jason Lankow
Jason LankowMaker@jasonlankow · CEO, Visage
@avimuchnick Thanks a lot, Avi! We appreciate you over here.
Dave Boni
Dave Boni@davidbonijr · Owner, Pilot Digital & taskstacks
Great stuff... I worked on a project just like this! Glad to see this being built
Jason Lankow
Jason LankowMaker@jasonlankow · CEO, Visage
@davidbonijr thanks, Dave!