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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 23, 2016
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Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
Hi Product Hunters! I’m Ross, Co-Founder and Product Owner at Visage. Seven years ago, my co-founders and I started Column Five, a content marketing agency that was one of the first to create infographics for brand marketing. Working closely with companies like Microsoft, Nike and Red Bull over the years, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges that even the best brands have producing great visual content at scale. We built Visage to make the process simple for marketing teams to create on-brand graphics. A brand's designer can set up templates to share with their team, enabling others to use these designs for their own content. The brand's approved colors, fonts, logos and image library are encoded within the design editor to make sure their style stays consistent across all content the team creates. Team mates can share their designs with each other to get approvals or collaborate. We’ve just released a new version of the product that allows a lot more design flexibility, and integrates with great content partners like Unsplash (stock images) and The Noun Project (icons). We’re stoked to share this with you all, and are looking forward to hearing your questions, feedback and ideas!
Eytan Buchman
Eytan Buchman@eytanbuchman · VP Marketing, Freightos
@rtcrooks Looks awesome. Would you say that this is similar to Canva but with brand temptlating and collaboration? What was your biggest lesson between Visage 1.0 and Visage 3.0?
Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
Thanks @eytanbuchman! Good assessment - our editing functionality is similar to Canva, but the focus on marketing teams does make the branding and collaboration components much more important. We also plan to build additional features and integrate with other tools in the marketing stack to enable seamless ideation, design, distribution and analytics to make the process as seamless as possible. Our biggest lessons were that marketers weren't totally equipped to do data journalism (our 2.0 focus), and needed more design flexibility to represent their brand and express their message.
@rtcrooks Very nice tool! I appreciate the opportunity to use and review Visage 3.0
Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
Thanks, @sbeazer!
Salomé Bidaux
Salomé Bidaux@salomebdx
@rtcrooks This looks great, look forward to trying it out.
Margaret McGraw
Margaret McGraw@love2golf · Founder, Webgenco
Just got this and I can see why it will be preferable for content and online marketers vs. Canva. I hope nobody in my group sees this but we aren't the best at graphics so I'm always looking for a tool to make design easier, and better.
Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
No shame in this @love2golf - it is a really hard thing to get right. Thanks for trying it out!
Julian Lozano
Julian Lozano@julianlozanoaz · Designer at Fishermen Labs.
Great work guys! Love the Noun Project Integration. Maybe have some templates to combat the facebook ad 20% rule.
Ross Crooks
Ross CrooksMaker@rtcrooks · CCO, Visage
Thanks, Julian! And good idea on the FB ads.
Jim Canto
Jim Canto@jimcanto · Low-Code/No-Code since 2008 | 4-HIRE ->
Looks spot on. Signing up now. I also like your pricing structure. Though I would like to suggest renaming "Individual" to "Plus 1" and allow 2 users. That would expose the collaborative functionality at your first price point increasing conversion to paid accounts. Just an idea. 😊
Jason Lankow
Jason LankowMaker@jasonlankow · CEO, Visage
@jimcanto Hi Jim, thanks a lot for the perspective here. Cool idea.
BradMichelson@bradmichelson · Director of Marketing @ BlockFi
Cool, my agency is looking for some tools very similar to this. Going to check it out and see if we can apply it to our content generation plan.
Jason Lankow
Jason LankowMaker@jasonlankow · CEO, Visage
@bradmichelson thanks for taking a look. I'm the CEO/Cofounder of Visage, and work closely with our agency partners. I'd love to hear more about what you're looking for if you'd like to chat. Will connect via Twitter.