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Virusdie is All-in-One simple, powerful and gorgeous website security tools built for everyone. It helps you clean your websites from malware automatically. Shows malicious code in files. Protects your websites from online threats and XSS/SQL injections. Mitigate DoS attacks and suspicious activities on your websites.
Thanks Kevin @kwdinc for hunting us! Hi, fellow hunters! I’m Elijah, CEO & Co-founder at Virusdie. We created Virusdie as a complete Website Security platform to help webmasters, security experts, SEO experts and regular website owners rehab and keep their projects healthy. We know website malware removal, cleanup and protection takes time and lots of efforts. And it's very expensive if you asking big guys to clean and secure your website. We wanted to take that burden off webmaster's shoulders the best way we can and we built the web-based tools where webmasters could solve website security problems themselves. Here just some of our features: Website Antivirus, Website Firewall, Blacklist monitoring, Built-in file manager and the file editor, malicious code highlighting, regular expression and text search tool. It based on five pillars: it must have been easy, quick, accurate, have enough efficiency and must be affordable. - Easy: Easy to start. Easy to use. Well-executed UI/UX. - Quick: It allows you to check and clean up websites from malware in seconds (not in hours) in real time by only one button click or in accordance with the schedule with a high accuracy. Firewall is one-click simple to deploy too. - Accurate: Virusdie Website Antivirus not just simply find or remove infected files on your website or put them in quarantine. It removes malicious code (redirects, trojans, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code) from files (PHP, JS, HTML and system files) in seconds automatically and with high accuracy. Your website continues to run stable after automatic cleanup. - Enough efficiency: Virusdie could cleanup websites automatically in many cases. For others you can use built-in file editor with malicious and suspicious code highlighting, file manager or regular expression/text search tools or ask tech support solve your problems for some extra fee. Firewall is enough to protect your website from common basic attacks and mitigate suspicious activities on it. - It's very affordable: Because of technology it's not pricey. Just a juicy burger price! The tools are still continuously developing. In the coming couple of month, we're planning to add more tools and a community platform. And today you may just sign up and get your 14-day free trial for each first time added website. Please, share your feedback and your ideas. It will make the product even better. Thanks for checking Virusdie out!
@elijahmalyshev Any plans for a cPanel plugin?
@dereksilva sure. It's already in a private-beta and 'll be available soon.
very interesting product
The simplest all-in-one solution for site secutity. Managed to help me in an urgent situation. Lots of thanks to developers!
@akopyan_artur thanks Artur! That's our goal.