Faster go to market with AI models for photos, created on demand! Use photos for e-commerce, fashion, design assets and more. Don't be caught using the same stock model as your competitors, try Rosebud! 80% discount this month! See comment below for details.
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Hi Everyone! 👋 I’m Lisha, founder of Rosebud.AI. We began our Product Hunt journey launching 25,000 hi-res AI generated photos. Grateful for the support for this collection of AI models, we’ve since been learning a lot from users from that launch. To celebrate the launch we are offering 80% for subscriptions. Please write to with subject title: "ProductHunt" and register by July 31st to redeem. (Creative tier will be $4 instead of $19.95, and likewise 80% off for silver and gold). Here’re some use cases that have resonated with users: FASTER TIME TO MARKET 🙌 Photoshoots are time consuming and expensive. Virtual models can be delivered faster, sometimes instantly. DON'T USE THE SAME STOCK MODELS AS YOUR COMPETITORS! 🙌 We all know that one stock model that appears on multiple competitive products. Rosebud’s face synthesis can change the model face, hair…etc to uniquely market a product. INCLUSIVE MODEL IMAGERY 🙌 If only brands with large budgets can make ads, you are going to get a limited set of beauty standards. If you reduce costs to experimentation and access to creative tools like Rosebud, you introduce more diverse imagery. We made sure to synthesize a wide range of imagery, including diverse and gender non binary to suit any brand. CAMPAIGN QUALITY PHOTOS 🙌 Photos are hi-res, good enough for professional campaigns. 🚀 This launch is the release of our self serve webapp that makes available some of the tools we built to serve these value props. We are also planning to expose our facial expression, hair style and color editing capabilities. 😱 We leave some dramatic synthesis abilities out of the app to prevent malicious use. Customers who are interested in these and also in full body model synthesis for fashion photography and video can contact us for our white glove service (https://generativephotos.typefor...). We would love to hear from you below about what other features would be great to add to this webapp! 🤩 FAQ and Ethics. 🧞‍♀️ What about unrealistic beauty standards? Our self serve app is a creative tool. If only brands with large budgets can make visual ads, we are going to get a limited set of beauty standards. If we reduce costs to experimentation with creative tools like Rosebud, we introduce more diverse imagery. We made sure to synthesize a wide range of model imagery. 🏅 What's the difference between "creative", "silver", "gold" and "enterprise" tiers of subscription. Creative tier is the starter tier and it gives you several AI models to choose from in our AI models feature (including both genders and nonbinary models). Silver includes all the models in creative tier and a little more. And so on with Gold tier. The AI models in Creative, Silver and Gold tiers do not alter the skin tone of the underlying image. To get more dramatic synthesis (skin tone, hair, expressions, pose changes), you need to join our enterprise white glove beta. We purposely restrict it to prevent malicious use. The app will give examples of AI models in our enterprise tier without doing the full synthesis on your photo.
Find what @lisha_li1 is doing with Rosebud fascinating. Of course I worry about the business of future human models, but I also think, in a post-COVID world, there's a real need for this kind of creative tech, which Disney (and others) is also investing in.
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! We're excited to building more synthetic media tools for creatives! The tech helps brands and creatives realize visuals fasters and therefore tell their brand stories more easily.
This is awesome! What are some different use cases that you're targeting? Seems like it's especially relevant both for COVID and for increasing the diversity of models!
@firelioness Hi Mendy! Customers we've worked with come from a range of markets, including fashion and even fortune 100 companies who need to generate variations on their models to target different demographics. Covid has definitely brought new demand for brands to create imagery without new photoshoots. Interestingly we've also partnered with creatives and photographers directly to amplify the assets they currently have by changing the identities of the models (hair, expression, pose, face) so they can programmatically generate new assets. We shipped the self serve app can help creators do this more easily.
@lisha_li1 this is really cool! I'm using the online demo to explore what kinds of adjustments are possible, its pretty amazing what you have already!, what additional options are available in the enterprise tier? What adjustments are possible in the near future or in development? I would love to use this going forward, amazing work to you and your team!!!
@misko_dzamba We're stoked you tried the online demo! We left some of the dramatic adjustments for enterprise only (for instance full body synthesis, skin tone changes and dramatic face synthesis changes). From earlier feedback we wanted to make sure users were indeed using it for creative or marketing so as to prevent misuse. We're planning to release more specific products around fashion models (automatically generating images of clothing photography on model) as well as video synthesis of these models speaking (customer service).
This is awesome, Lisha! What are the next steps in your product roadmap? Super excited to see where this goes!
@jessica_li3 Thanks Jessica! We're excited to release more specific products to serve fashion industries (automated fashion product photography with customizable models). We're also excited to introduce more video synthesis capabilities, especially around animating our models to speak.
@lisha_li1 that's awesome, really excited for these!