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To me, this is the most exciting thing I've seen for VR. Gaming will be cool (No Man's Sky, are you kidding me?!) but this is a whole different level of being able to choose your workplace. You could be sitting in your parents' basement but feel like you are working on an island beach or in an executive office at the top of a skyscraper. Great work.
Is the resolution good enough for programming?
@kay0stheory We'll probably have to wait for AR, for that: not being able to see your keyboard will be a problem, on the long run. For entertainment usage, it's just mind blowing, though: suddenly, the world is a monitor. We can easily think about having 4, 10, 15 screens, provided OS and hardware can follow, and there is no consideration anymore about space and price to have such a setup. Perfect for monitoring too.
@oelmekki I've already memorized my keyboard; not a big deal. I feel that many programmers are in the same boat and many can adapt. I'm just worried about being able to read text clearly
@kay0stheory Funny, many people tell me that when we discuss VR/AR dev environment. I think you guys underestimate the need for eye contacts when working with a device, it's not the same to be able to keep typing without watching and to positionate your hands on a keyboard in the dark, not to mention the not so frequent characters we sometime have to type and which involve multiple key presses. We'll see :)
You should check out this video of Meta... They are building for AR, so a little further out, but you can see where they are going with this...
Are there any plans for OSX support? Also, I agree with @kay0stheory - most devs/early adopters are surely able to use a keyboard without looking at their fingers? If not, this the perfect time to learn using 10 fingers ๐Ÿ˜„
I'm absolutely impressed with all the features that's been added to Virtual Desktop since i first saw it a year ago. WOW! this is an excellent version of something i've been waiting years for