SceneKit for Android Developers

ViroCore is SceneKit for Android developers. ViroCore enables Java developers to rapidly build AR and VR applications using familiar Android tools. ViroCore is free, with no limits on distribution. Sign up for an API key and start developing your AR/VR apps today ->

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Hi Product Hunt Community, we are very excited to launch ViroCore today. With the launch of ARKit, we saw how Apple democratized AR development on iOS with SceneKit. We wanted to offer that same experience to Android developers with ViroCore. ViroCore is SceneKit for Android developers using Java. ViroCore combines a high-performance rendering engine with a descriptive API for creating immersive AR/VR apps. While lower-level APIs like OpenGL require you to learn and precisely implement rendering algorithms, ViroCore requires only high-level scene descriptions and the events and interactions you desire. Easily add animations, physics, particle effects, and more to your Android applications. You can be setup and building your AR/VR apps in minutes. Viro is free, with no limits on distribution. Just sign up for an API key and start developing. Happy to answer any question about ViroCore and AR/VR in general. Excited to see what amazing AR/VR apps your build with Viro. Maybe something for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon Bonus: Added support for ARCore to ViroReact our other product. Write once, run anywhere across ARKit and ARCore using React Native ->
Omg, this sounds amazing! Finally, something for Android developers to play with! :) Great job guys! :D
@kydyzyx let us know what you think and look forward to seeing what you build with ViroCore