Viro Media

A platform for developers to rapidly build AR/VR apps

Viro Media is a platform for developers to rapidly build AR/VR applications. We offer two products for developers. ViroReact - write in React Native and deploy across all platforms or ViroCore - Java framework for building immersive Android app. Viro supports ARKite, ARCore, Cardboard, Daydream and GearVR

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When former Lowercase founder Danny Moon came to us with the mission to take his team’s 3D visualization expertise from building out UpNext and Amazon Maps and apply it to VR, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Viro Media launches today. They've built a simple and powerful platform for devs to build on, and one that will scale as the space continues to evolve. Danny and the Viro team, give us your take on the current state of VR and where Viro sits in that market. Who on Product Hunt should be excited about the launch of Viro today?
@mazzeo Thanks for hunting us Matt. Super excited to share Viro Media with the Product Hunt community. Viro is a platform we created for the web and mobile community, to make it easy for them to build VR experiences. We want VR everywhere, and we especially want more amazing VR applications. We're hoping this platform helps achieve that! The first time we tried VR, we were hooked. We knew in our bones that this was the next big platform. We've always been passionate about building tech that enables others, which is why we started Viro Media. The current state of VR is tracking similarly to where the smartphone market was when it first started. There are a solid number of Head Mounted Displays (HMD's) in the market, and the pace of innovation by big companies and startups is happening at a remarkable pace. What is lacking, though, is content: both in terms of the number of apps and the types of apps. Consumers need more apps, and consumers need a greater diversity of experiences. That is the problem we are trying to solve, and why we think the Product Community should be excited about the launch of Viro. For developers, this tool makes it easier than ever before to build VR experiences, using the knowledge you already have. Our platform leverages React Native, and combines it with our VR-optimized 3D rendering engine. For product managers and designers, you can build VR features into your existing app or build new ones, using your existing engineering team. We are super excited to see what the community creates with Viro.
@dam00n congrats! Super interesting tech and approach here.
@innonate Let me know when you are ready to bring that 360 photo experience (screenshot 2) into your app :)
@dam00n @mazzeo Congrats on the launch Danny! A lot of the points you bring up track with what I think if going on with content/media in general; i.e., that high-quality content will be the name of the game. Sourcing that content and building relationships with creators has the potential to shift the equation in your favor, as the landscape changes and VR opens up for more people (as you mentioned). Like the nature of art in general, I think that as VR begins to open up to more people (both to create and consume easily) it will similarly have an impact on our attitudes towards other media (music/video/written content), which will evolve yet again as tends to happen when a new creative form is added to the creators' backpacks. I'll be interested to see how this new shift in perspective on content unfolds, especially with regard to how the new content is distributed. If Viro Media has an open content strategy wherein content is democratized/P2P in nature, I think that could have a major impact on current subscription model dynamics and/or strategies as this new form of media grows in popularity. Great hunt Matt, excited to see how it works out for @Lowercase!
@adammarx13 @mazzeo @lowercase Hey Adam, thanks for the comment. You bring up some really interesting points regarding content for VR. While high quality content will be important, we believe the UGC will be equally important for VR to continue to grow. Some of the best art in VR today is via Tilt Brush which is enabling all types of people to share their creative works. Viro Media supports open content but we do not own any content. We are a framework for building applications to present/showcase/interact with that content. But we do hope the YouTube's of VR or Squarespace's of VR are built on top of Viro. We are excited to see both the apps and tools the Viro community builds to continue to enable VR everywhere.
Super excited for what the Viro Media team has built here. The platform is one of the simplest and direct ways to create rich VR experiences on the market today. As a repeat investor in this team, we have a lot of conviction for their vision and product dev know-how.
@jgut Thanks for all the support both times around. Excited to see the great VR experiences the Product Hunt community build on the Viro platform
Awesome and great timing - I'm helping a Sydney startup design an immersive experience around positive psychology. Be very keen to evaluate as platform.
@tagionet thanks Bernard. We definitely agree that would be a great application for VR. Let us know if we can help in any way ->
@dam00n that's great Danny- I'll be in contact mine is >
It's well-implemented work to easily create VR experiences. We will support and participate in Your project. I can help in any way ->
@konstantin_gavrilenko @selfiblitz thank for the support. Look forward to seeing the VR experiences you build in the hands of customers