Viro Image Recognition

Add image/marker recognition to your AR apps with Viro

Bring movie posters to life. Turn logos into interactive experiences. Viro just keeps helping devs make the real world richer. I'm excited to play with the AR apps people start cranking out with Viro. Also, it's free.

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Danny Moon
CEO, Viro Media
Thanks for hunting us Matt. Very excited to share our new Image/Marker Recognition feature with the Product Hunt community. This is a key feature to enable new use cases in AR and we are happy to make it available to developers for free. Image recognition is available across the Viro platform on both our product: 1. ViroCore - SceneKit for Android, enabled Java developers to rapidly build AR/VR apps. 2. ViroReact - build cross platform AR/VR with React Native. To help get you started, we have open sourced the code and assets for the Black Panther Movie poster demo and the Tesla Logo demo shown in this post: ViroCore (Java) Black Panther - Tesla - ViroReact (React Native) Black Panther - Tesla - Looking forward to seeing all the amazing AR experiences this community builds with Viro. Happy to answer any questions.
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