Viro AR

A platform for developers to rapidly build AR apps

Viro AR is a platform to rapidly build AR apps for ARKit and ARCore. Viro’s combination of powerful rendering and a familiar framework (React) makes building AR apps more accessible than ever. Build new AR apps or add features like Snapchat’s AR effects into your existing app. Viro AR is free and setup is quick, so start building today.

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It's been awesome to see people experiment with AR Kit over the last couple weeks. Viro AR makes it even easier for React and Javascript devs to get in on it as well. The Viro team is AWESOME and I'm pumped to see what people build on top of these tools. (so excited that I'm actually teaching myself Javascript finally just to be able to play around here too.)
I'm putting a list of AR tools together. I'll make sure I add this one. Well done, looks interesting!
Thanks for hunting Matt, appreciate it. Super excited to share Viro AR with the Product Hunt community. Viro AR is a developer platform for rapidly building engaging AR apps. If you or your company are looking to build AR apps, or add AR features to your existing app (e.g. Snapchat lenses, tutorial overlays, etc), Viro is the platform for you. Last week, we released Figment AR (, an app that turns your world into an augmented funhouse. Figment AR was built top to bottom on the Viro platform and showcases just some of what the platform can do. Some highlights of Viro AR: 1. Native, high performance rendering -- lighting and shadows add realism, and our physics engine, animated 3D models, and particle system will make your scenes come to life 2. Cross platform -- write once, run anywhere. With ARCore support coming very soon, by the time you finish writing your app, it will work on Android. 3. Easy Set Up -- use our Quick Start Guide ( and be up and coding in under 10 mins. Also, Viro integrates easily into your existing app/workflow. 4. Intuitive Development -- 3D/AR/VR development can be daunting to some. We abstract away the complexity so you can focus on building great apps for your users. Happy to answer any questions about the Viro AR platform or AR/VR in general. Sign and start building your AR apps today. Looking forward to seeing some amazing AR apps soon.
Viro AR now support ARCore in addition to ARKit. Build cross platform AR apps (ARKit and ARCore) with a single code base using ViroReact
Only for iOS with React Native :(
@_soldier ARCore is coming soon. We are actively working on it right now.
@_soldier ARCore support is now live. Looking forward to seeing your AR app soon. Thanks
@dam00n :O very good news, thank you!