Virgin America Mobile

New mobile app for Virgin America



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Jack Smith
Jack SmithPro@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
FINALLY! insane that virgin america didn't have a mobile app until now, it was a big challenge with mobile boarding passes.
Liza Avramenko
Liza Avramenko@avrliza · CEO, Spacer
Not many people fly exclusively one airline. I'd like to see an app that actually helps with check-ins for major global airlines
Loris Maz
Loris Maz@lorismaz · Founder, SimpleVisa
@avrliza I like that idea!
Andre Carvalho
Andre Carvalho@alcarv · Principal Developer, Work & Co
@avrliza That would be awesome. But I don't see how the integration would work with all of them.
Liza Avramenko
Liza Avramenko@avrliza · CEO, Spacer
@alcarv I would assume it could probably be done similar to the way Kayak and Expedia aggregate multiple airline ticket sale
Andre Carvalho
Andre Carvalho@alcarv · Principal Developer, Work & Co
@avrliza well, I can see why companies have an interest on public facing APIs for ticket sale. But I see no reason why they would do it for check in. I hope I'm wrong, though.
Liza Avramenko
Liza Avramenko@avrliza · CEO, Spacer
@alcarv The same reason why airlines form alliances - those airlines who were to open their API's for check-in would be more favorable among customers. Maybe I am wrong and it's just a wishful thinking
Kate Donahue
Kate Donahue@kate_donahue · Marketing at ChartMogul
Marcos T. Moralez
Marcos T. Moralez@marcosmoralez · Emmy Award-Winning Designer, Prev Amazon
Finally! One would think they would have been the first airline with a native mobile app but, nope. 🤔
Yoni Shechter
Yoni Shechter@yonishechter · Founder at @FavorizeApp
I love Virgin America! But I'm really surprised as I know they merged with Alaska, and were operating under their name for now, but they indicated they were going to operate under Alaska's name in the future..
Josh Tretakoff
Josh Tretakoff@josh_tretakoff
@yonishechter I'm surprised, as well, that they would invest in the future of this brand, given the impending Alaska transition.