Virgil Security

Build privacy-first apps on Firebase

The team behind Twilio’s end-to-end encrypted chat decided to replicate the Twilio project and build an end-to-end encrypted chat app on top of Firebase's Firestore. The open source chat app isn't just secure, but also meets HIPAA's requirements.

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10 Reviews5.0/5

This is the best solution for end-to-end encryption, data privacy and server side passwords protection.


Simple to use. Strong and up to date crypto algorithms.


Open source code is not reviewed yet.

Met the founders, this is an excellent team with a great vision.


Automatic encryption using Zksnarks, easy firebase integration.



Howdy ProductHunters? We're stoked to unleash our latest end-to-end encrypted integration on top of Google's Firebase platform to protect your users from all the nasty things that can happen with their data nowadays. We're looking forward to hearing your comments and questions; we hope that you'll like the open source tech, you'll like our HIPAA review and make use of it in your product! If you're around at TechCrunch Disrupt, say Hi at our Startup Alley booth on Thursday! If you want to talk about your app at TC Disrupt, sign up for an app security clinic slot
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Just a heads-up that overnight, we've launched our JavaScript sample to encrypt Firebase: With JS, we're now covering all major client platforms: iOS: Android: