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George Gayl
George GaylHunter@georgegayl · Co-founder, Silent Storm
Looking forward to giving this service a try for our next video.
Mikee Shattuck
Mikee Shattuck@mikee_shattuck · Creative Marketing Consultant
@georgegayl just hire me 👍🏻
Chee-Hyung Yoon
Chee-Hyung YoonMaker@yoonchee
@georgegayl Thanks George for giving us the chance. We're looking forward to creating you an awesome video.
Chee-Hyung Yoon
Chee-Hyung YoonMaker@yoonchee
@georgegayl Mikee, you can sign up on Virect to access the opportunities!
P. Jordan Flack
P. Jordan Flack@flackmagic · Associate Producer, contagiousLA
If a brand wanted quality video content, wouldn't they just go to an experienced production company (Sandwich Video, ContagiousLA, etc), a contest-style company like MOFILM, or an ad agency?
Chee-Hyung Yoon
Chee-Hyung YoonMaker@yoonchee
@flackmagic Thanks Jordan for the comment. Of course that would be an option, but they could be prohibitively expensive when a production like Sandwich Video charges around $150K or more for a video. Virect provides an online, self-service alternative to these traditional methods that often saves a lot of time and money.