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  • Matt Pliszkadiscovering SaaS apps at

    user-friendly, extensive functionality


    not the cheapest option for small enterprises

    One of the top software to grow traffic on your website / organize viral campaigns.

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Giancarlo MassaroMaker@massarogi · Co-Founder, ViralSweep
Hi PH community, We're excited to launch the new ViralSweep after nearly 15 months since we initially started building it. This is our biggest release in 4 years since we started the company. We've written a detailed blog post detailing all of the changes: Happy to answer any questions!
Karthik Varma@leovarmak1
@massarogi This is soo awesome af. Do you offer any special pricing for non-profits ?
Giancarlo MassaroMaker@massarogi · Co-Founder, ViralSweep
@leovarmak Hi karthrik, thanks! We don't offer special pricing for non-rofits, all of our pricing can be seen here:
Benoit@benoit · Nod. / Mind The Web
@massarogi Does viralsweep support sweepstakes in other languages than English?
Giancarlo MassaroMaker@massarogi · Co-Founder, ViralSweep
@benoit Yes, we give you all of the english text on the app and allow you to change it into any language you would like.
Frank Denbow@frank_denbow · Founder of INK'A
Happy ViralSweep user, the new design looks slick.
Joel Libava ♛@franchiseking · Author, Franchise Advisor
Looks good. Question: Why won't anyone in your space offer a one-off or two-off sweepstakes program? I only may want to run one or two contests in total....not one per month.
Giancarlo MassaroMaker@massarogi · Co-Founder, ViralSweep
@franchiseking Hi Joel, you can upgrade and downgrade at anytime, so you can run one-off giveaways. So for example, our starter plan gives you access to all features for 1 month for $49, so you can run however many promotions you want in that time frame and then downgrade when you are done.
Joel Libava ♛@franchiseking · Author, Franchise Advisor
@massarogi Great. Is the data then saved from the contest etc?
Giancarlo MassaroMaker@massarogi · Co-Founder, ViralSweep
@franchiseking Yep, all data is stored right within your dashboard for each promotion you run.
Matt Pliszka@matt_pliszka · discovering SaaS apps at
Really extensive traffic building software with advanced functionality, at the same time quite simple to use and implement. Lets you easily set up referral / viral campaigns or organize contests for your website Haven't seen influencers' platform implemented in any other software of this type 👌