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Build the prelaunch campaign used by Harry's Shave Club

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Hey Everyone! So stoked to share my course with you all. I’ve been building prelaunch campaigns using the open source code by Harry’s Shave Club and thought it would be great to teach others how to do the same. The course is free so just sign up if you’re interested. I’ve run a bunch of these campaigns so I’m happy to answer any questions you have.
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@kylewdavidson Thanks Kyle. Yea I totally agree it is outdated but a great way to get started learning how to spin up open source code. Chris Oliver from was kind enough to add some content to improve some of the functionality around downloading winners. I am working on a similar app that is mobile friendly and I'll share it with the community when it's ready.
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@afkehaya thanks for building the course 🙌! I actually had the Harry's & Tim Ferris posts open and implementing prelaunchr has been on my to do list
@jbschaff Awesome! Let me know if you need any help. Also, I've got another product in development that you'll be interested in ;) not ready for PH yet but soon.
Hey Alex! @afkehaya this looks cool but a few things are not clear: - Why take this course? Am I learning to code or learning how to build a prelaunch campaign (in which case some coding knowledge is assumed) - Are you delivering it via mailchimp? (why not use teachable?) - What type of content should I expect? Text or Videos? Great lineup of guest tutors you have there. Good Job!
@felixoginni Hey Felix, thanks for your feedback. Yeah I've been trying to hone in on the best way to communicate some of your points. The course focuses on learning how to use the open source code to make a prelaunch app. No coding knowledge is assumed as I've tried to make it so that anyone can copy and paste my code and get it working. I know that's pretty ambitious :) I am using mailchimp for emailing and then hacked together a word press site (kind of a painful experience:) to host the course. I think I'll check out teachbable. Maybe I should just add a video to the landing page right under the header text where I explain what the course is about? What do you think?
@afkehaya Wordpress Is painful. If you know Rails well, you should be able to use my online course platform (it's open source and free) to give your students a better experience and you can add them to a mailchimp list via api Teachable is also awesome and they are free for free courses I think. You can also add your signups via api to mailchimp with teachable. I'll survey your first few customers (if I were you) and find out why they signed up and based on that, I'll rewrite the marketing copy. After you do the survey, shoot me an email. I could sit with you on Skype for 2-3 hours on a weekend and help you redesign the website and fix the copy. All the best.
@felixoginni Really appreciate the offer! I'm planning on doing the customer interviews between now and the ned of next week! I'll be in touch! Thanks.
@felixoginni p.s. has coursify been on Product Hunt yet? Looks cool!
@afkehaya Thanks for the kind words about Coursify. It wasn't featured when I open sourced it (Please don't feature it now, I'll launch it on PH when 2.0 is ready). Let me know when your customer interviews are done.
Hey @hnshah I hope you check the course out!
I agree with some of the other critiques that, just by viewing the home page prior to signing up, it is unclear whether the course is a coding course or a pre-launch marketing course (or both). Nevertheless, it is intriguing and I'll definitely sign up and check it out (I'm primarily interested in the marketing aspect). Good job - can never have too many useful resources like these (for both coding and marketing)!
@neilsandhu Thanks Niel. yeah I've been having a tough time figuring out the best balance to communicate that it really is both about the marketing and the coding. My early students expressed the need to both learn how to build this type of page as well as how to market it once they're done. I'm going to put together a second course called (not up yet) that just focuses on how to get your first signups/cusotmers:). Out of curiosity, what do you think you'll use the prelaunch app for once you get it going?
@afkehaya Sounds like a good plan. To answer your question, I actually don't intend to do go through the lectures to build the app - just listened to some of the marketing discussion. I developed the initial version of our website by myself in Python/Django, but I have some folks working with me now and we are re-launching a brand new version built in PHP soon. So, too much going on to also learn Rails right now, but nevertheless I find resources such as this to be great. And I was primarily interested in the marketing angle, which is why I was interested in knowing whether this was a marketing or coding course prior to signing up. Sorry for the long-winded response. Of course, for many other folks, the Rails tutorial will be great as well. Good luck!
@neilsandhu Really cool. Yeah I totally get it and am glad you found some value from the course. What kind of referral /viral marketing are you guys going to use on your new site?
I'm going to second what @kylewdavidson said. Rails 5 is almost here and you're using a sample Rail 3.x app for the course. Enough has changed between Rails 3.x and 4.x for the course to be more useful using 4.x at a minimum.