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Savvas Zortikis — Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
Hi everyone! 😊

After launching our all-in-one viral and referral marketing platform a few months ago, we saw that a big portion of the companies using us were startups like us.

Some of them wanted to gather early adopters and generate awareness before they launch. Others had already launched and needed new ways of acquiring more customers organically through referral marketing. But the problem was that they didn’t know exactly what type of prelaunch or referral program would work for them.

So, we came up with Viral Loops for Startups 🤗
Now startups can run a prelaunch campaign like Robinhood did or a referral program inspired by Dropbox with just a few clicks. More templates coming soon!

Feel free to shoot me with any questions and make sure to take a look at our special gift to all Product Hunters! 🙈
Renato Shirakashi — Founder @ Scup & AVP Product @ Sprinklr
@savvaszortikis Great Savvas. I'm going to release a new product very soon, this will probably help me a lot :)
Savvas Zortikis — Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
@renato_shira That's awesome Renato! Let me know if you need any help! 😉
Efosa S Omorogbe — Multipotentialite, Cofounder of TiTo
@savvaszortikis Very nice idea. Can see myself using this very soon
Savvas Zortikis — Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
@efosaso Can't wait to have you onboard!
Frederic Lumiere — Co-Founder/CEO APIANT
@savvaszortikis Wow, this looks like something we could use. I'd also like to add it in our catalog at do you have a public API description with icon link?
Savvas Zortikis — Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
@fredlumiere Sounds great! We do have, but we're releasing the new version. I'll connect you with our CTO, @paptom, to take care! Already got in touch with you ;)
Marcus Karoumi — Founder - AR/WE Sweden
The best referral program out there. And love how you guys continuously develop the product and make it better every week, like with the new email boosters etc.

Can't wait to use Viral Loops again for my upcoming campaigns :)
Savvas Zortikis — Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
@mkaroumi Thank you so much for your kind words Marcus! More cool stuff coming soon! 😎
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