Americans get paid to teach Chinese kids on our SaaS



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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunterPro@nikkielizdemere · Early-Stage B2B SaaS Consultant
"VIPKID is a SaaS that connects American and Canadian English teachers with over 150k Chinese students. About 10k teachers now teach on the platform and get paid per class. We need at least 30k more to handle the demand from Chinese parents who want their kids to learn English from native speakers. Teachers choose their hours of availability. The platform is especially useful for digital nomads and stay-at-home parents. With summer here, Chinese students will soon take summer classes, so demand (and recruitment need) will spike even higher."
Jeff Deutsch
Jeff DeutschMaker@jgdeutsch · Marketing Director, Ptengine
Hi guys! I'm Jeff Deutsch, head of Digital Marketing for VIPKID. We're so honored to be featured on ProductHunt (thanks Nichole!) On behalf of my colleagues and our (now) 14,000+ teachers, please share our product with a teacher you know! We've had a huge year, with Bloomberg doing a big piece on us back in December and Forbes ranking us #5 on their 2017 list of "Top 100 Remote Work": Hoping to get this ProductHunt a lot of love right now... with the huge demand from our 150k+ Chinese students (Chinese kids spend the summer studying... yup) it's the perfect time to tell your teacher friends about this part-time gig for the summer!
Sagar Honakeri
Sagar Honakeri@sagar868 · Engineer at Nonspec, Startup enthusiast
@jgdeutsch I would be glad to teach Chinese kids if given a chance. I'm an Indian. Can I become one? Great idea and execution. Congrats to the whole team!
Jeff Deutsch
Jeff DeutschMaker@jgdeutsch · Marketing Director, Ptengine
@sagar868 Thanks for your kind words Sagar! Right now we're only open for the U.S. and Canada but, along with the UK, Australia, and other countries, maybe it will open up in the future.
Tomer Aharon
Tomer Aharon@tomer_aharon · Co-Founder of Poptin
Looks awesome guys! Tons of luck, I know some people that can use it.
Jeff Deutsch
Jeff DeutschMaker@jgdeutsch · Marketing Director, Ptengine
@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer! If you can, please spread the word with any teachers you know... we're massively over capacity with our English students and need talented teachers to come share their gifts with these kids online!!
Guy@guygeeraedts · Marketing Manager
WoW this is Amazing! It's so simple and that makes this product very powerful. I'm going to recommend it to some English teachers I know and some friends who need an English class;) great hunt Nichole and Good luck today/tonight Jeff-boy!
Jeff Deutsch
Jeff DeutschMaker@jgdeutsch · Marketing Director, Ptengine
@guygeeraedts Thanks Guy!
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
Interesting, shouldn't the teacher speak Chinese too to communicate? If kids in China can communicate in English already, they probably don't need this app then.
Jeff Deutsch
Jeff DeutschMaker@jgdeutsch · Marketing Director, Ptengine
@huangdun Good question Dun. The VIPKID curriculum allows teachers to communicate with kids of all levels! The secret is TPR--Total Physical Response--which is a school of teaching that uses a lot of pantomiming, acting, and body movements. It really works! Check out this before and after video of William, an 8 year-old who took VIPKID for 1 year:
I can also say, as a parent of a kid who speaks much better Chinese than English, that TPR is the bomb for learning language!!