Receive alerts when VIPs sign up for your product  🕵🏻

Get notified when VIPs like journalists, celebs, Investors and more use your signup form. VIPhawk works by comparing your signups to a large database of high-value individuals and organizations in over a dozen categories.

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Dylan Marriott
Software Engineer
Great idea! I’m not too confortable with sending you the email address of my users. Couldn’t this work by just using a salted hash? You can find matches in your database. And all unknown users, all you would have is a useless hash.
Thanks Dylan! Glad you brought this up - email sharing is touchy, but in the age of Mailchimp / Fullcontact / etc., we're balancing investment into data security and reliability with ease-of-install. We actually do use basic hashing in our Javascript embed, and this is definitely something we can look at for our API. [Update 23-Feb-2018]: We've implemented encryption + hashing for all data ingested by the platform. And after processing over 100,000 signups in just a few months, we're getting pretty good at it!
Hey Product Hunt - very excited to introduce you to VIPhawk! 🎉 I built VIPhawk after realizing an important truth: not all signups are created equal. Think about it: would you know if a major journalist, investor, or celebrity signed up for your thing - or already has? Even if you regularly monitor your signups, you might not notice that game-changing blogger, investor, or C-level executive - cases where proactive outreach could make all the difference. Cool facts about VIPHawk: - VIPhawk identifies VIP signups in a dozen+ categories using its proprietary database of high-value individuals and organizations - You can opt to receive real-time notifications by integrating VIPhawk’s javascript embed or API, or check for VIPs manually by uploading a list of your signups - For most VIPs, we provide background information on the signup including social networks, short bios, relevant links, and more - You can add custom VIPs to track - like sales prospects, important clients, or competitors - No, the system doesn’t recognize your non-VIP signups Oh, and as a thank you to the Product Hunt community, we’re offering 25,000 extra monthly signup checks for Product Hunt members - just click the "Website" button at the top of this post 😮 Feedback? Questions? Ask away!
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@nocodemvp + @startupstash (sold)
I really like this idea but miss one thing (for myself): why not offer a one-time usage price? I have some big lists that I want to check independently (I can merge them into one of course). Would pay like $30 to check it one time, I don't want to sign up for a monthly plan right now. I can purchase your monthly plan of course and cancel after one month. But having a one time purchase would be valuable I think - good luck!
@bramk Thanks Bram! We're definitely considering a one-time-payment model for the manual signup checker, we've definitely seen some folks do what you're describing and just cancel after the first month. In the meantime, we can probably figure something out if you shoot me an email at :)
Hrant Arzumanyan
Programmer, Tumo
I will definitely advise this to my relative who is working on this field. But I am not sure I like the idea that the customer should give the list of important people. I believe it would be better to have some kind of list of people who would be important and useful for the customer. Overall the idea is great!
Sam Cholera
Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
Lovely work VIPhawk team. I like the explainer video, can I ask, who produced it for you?
@sam_cholera Thanks Sam! We produced the video ourselves.