Make real vinyl records from any SoundCloud track

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TaishiMaker@taishi45rpm · CMO, QRATES/
Hi product hunt! Thrilled to have on product hunt. is (currently) for Soundcloud users to create a campaign for soundcloud tracks they want on vinyl. We also have made QRATES ( which enables artists and labels to start crowdfunding/pre-orders for their vinyl release as well. We made so we can prepopulate vinyl demand for tracks before they go live on QRATES. We hope it'll be a fun tool for music fans and a useful tool for artists to discover their most passionate fans.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
One way to make a romantic "mix tape" for your boo
TaishiMaker@taishi45rpm · CMO, QRATES/
@rrhoover ah, that would be awesome! Just need to add one thing though, all records that eventually get pressed are initiated by the proper rights holders of the record, NOT the Soundcloud end user. However, that said, we're seeing innovation in the rights management front as well, and hope that these custom on demand vinyl ideas become reality in the near future!
Robyn Chang
Robyn Chang@robynchaaang · Music, Media, Marketing
I asked this before on Qrates and I'll ask again. There aren't enough pressing plants right now to handle all the production requests, especially because of RSD and Urban Outfitters. who are you going to use and how long is it going to take me to get 500 7" made? 8, 9 months? It's cut throat out there.
Rodrigo Hillion
Rodrigo Hillion@rohillion · Web Developer
This is awesome!!
TaishiMaker@taishi45rpm · CMO, QRATES/
@rohillion Thanks Rodrigo!
Alexandre Broudin
Alexandre Broudin@abroudin · UI/UX Designer
MP3 to vinyl? Nope
TaishiMaker@taishi45rpm · CMO, QRATES/
@abroudin No - we won't be using the SoundCloud files to press vinyl. Artists can upload a vinyl ready audio master for the release. :)