Vinyl Recorder

Record and edit vinyl records straight to your phone 📲

Vinyl Recorder is the first app that enables you to record your vinyl straight to your phone. With its Gracenote integration, it cuts up the sound into individual tracks, and adds the album artwork, song and album title, artist, and genre tags automatically. iOS coming soon.

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Hi PH'ers 👋🏾 Huge thanks to @bramk for hunting us! We recently launched Vinyl Recorder, the first app that lets you record vinyl straight to your phone. It also cuts up, names and tags each song for you after identifying it on an online database, thanks to our Gracenote lookup integration. The vinyl revival began about a decade ago, but there’s not yet been a straightforward way to digitise your vinyl – we're pretty certain that this is the first. It’s currently only available on Android but we have iOS coming very soon, and you can sign up on our site to be the first to hear about it! We’ve already had some feedback on the pricing so we’ve dropped it today. Let me know any feedback you have!
Rad! I'll definitely be checking this out!
@anodigital PS, iphone user here 😀
Great idea! When will an iOS version of this app come out?
Hey @ios_javi, thank you! We're working on getting it out in the next few months - it's currently our top priority!
Soooooooo I watched the video on the website. Paying for each track (or via a bundle) is kinda a deal breaker for me. If the app was a one-time purchase I'd prolly use it. While the gracenote tagging feature is handy I'd rather just buy a digital copy from iTunes rather than go through the trouble of having to convert it from vinyl. Just my $0.02. Congrats on the launch tho!
Hey @anodigital, thanks for checking us out! Was "just my $0.02" a pun - cause it costs less than 2p to convert each track 😉 Either way, thanks for the feedback! We're still working out the best way to price it (hence dropping the cost by 90% today) so we'll consider this if we decide to adapt the app in future ✌️