Social vehicle history reporting platform

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I've known this team of avid car enthusiasts since they broke the Cannonball Run record a few years ago. Now they have teamed up to build VINwiki, a social vehicle history reporting platform. This is a really fun way to experience vehicle reporting. Much more of an experience than Carfax. You also get more detailed information that Carfax wouldn't have. The user experience is like an Instagram for Cars. All posts are tied to the unique VIN number that will stay with the car regardless of owner. I'm really interested to see how this platform will evolve over time as more and more people post cars. That's one thing I find really interesting about it. Users can post cars they don't own and the community can continue to add information about them. I think it's pretty cool experience. Hope you all enjoy it as well!
@mmp7700 Thank you for the introduction Michael! We are here to change the way the world looks at automotive history. Stakeholders create a tremendous amount of social content surrounding cars but it fails to add value as it cycles out of our feeds. VINwiki let's anyone post to any car by license plate or VIN and over time that builds a timeline of the car's history. You can document service, DIY repairs, modifications, or just post about a car you love. It all constructs a story that is collectively curated and gives a much clearer perspective into how we own our cars!
Brilliant concept in a space filled with antiquated data processing techniques. VINwiki brings the social world into the vehicle value equation. Allowing any stakeholder (buyer, seller, dealer, mechanic, manufacturer) to contribute to the story of a car builds a compelling and useful timeline. After using the app for a couple weeks now, I see the idea taking shape and being used in a lot of great ways. As it gets more traction, this will be an amazing tool.
@datarade Thanks for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the app. We appreciate you coming along for the ride as we change automotive history!
could be a carfax disruptor... should definitely have webapp access
@vikramrajan Thanks! We definitely want to put owners, dealers, service providers, and enthusiasts back in control of the story of their cars. That is the best way to add value and make sure that nothing gets lost. We have a beta version of our web app up at Just click login and you can register there. We hope to mirror the full app feature set soon.