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Love this and another great concept built on Sharetribe! I have a classic muscle car listed on Turo (1968 Mustang Eleanor GT500E), but would love to be able to list it on Vinty. If you can build the demand side with classic enthusiasts and people that are not looking to track the cars and/or cause undue wear and tear through abuse, then I think this could be a great option for classic car owners that are looking to make some extra cash and share their toys with those who really appreciate them. I think this could also get really interesting if you can really target some of the bigger content studios and creators who are always looking for film/photo cars.
@yoroomie - Thank you for your reply! If you don't mind sharing, how is Turo working out for you thus far? We're definitely very concerned about abuse of vehicles on the Vinty platform. A big reason why we started Vinty was to keep these cars on the road for people to experience and appreciate them for a long time to come.
@lordvishal let me first say that I am a huge fan of Turo and think they have an amazing team, product, and user experience. I've been using it on both sides for a few months and have only good things to say about it thus far. The one exception is that I usually don't rent my classic that I have listed through Turo since most people will message and ask how hard it is to drive if they haven't driven a manual car or similar. I don't think the general public is aware of the potential process that is involved with driving a manual muscle car, carbureted cars, classics without power steering, etc. This is where a niche marketplace like Vinty I think can work and serve a smaller subset of enthusiasts and those that want to experience classics. One thought that I have is to heavily market a driver education/onboarding with Vinty. I think if you can offer a 10-15 min walkthrough with the owner (or Vinty rep) and the renter, then this would not only be a cool educational experience for the renter, but they can also really "learn" and "experience" the unique cars that are offered. The way I think about driving classic cars is more about an experience and not simply turning the key and driving off. I also don't think the paying point here is convenience. There is also a huge opportunity to build a community with content and shared experiences!
@yoroomie Hi Mike, Those are great ideas! Thank you for the reply and the insight!
Cool idea, you got my vote
@nemtrd Thank you Nik!
Love it!
@georgegayl Thank you George!
This is fantastic. Well done and look forward to giving a try
@pierre_lapointe Do you have any vintage cars of your own listed on here? Or are you just a fan?
@kristofertm not yet! right now we are working with professional classic car companies to populate our inventory. I own a 1973 Porsche 914 and a 1984 VW Westfalia Camper. We are working on being able to onboard individual cars very soon.
This is very cool but how do you work in the insurance? and I feel most of the people with those cars actually don't drive them much as they want to keep them in good shape, accident free and low mileage. So how do you plan on overcoming those?
@cemedericarak Thank you. Right now our inventory is owned by professional classic car rental companies, they provide insurance for the rentals. We are working on being able to provide insurance for individuals very soon, stay tuned!
@pierre_lapointe I see. Cool! Well again it might be harder to actually capture individuals to rent their classic cars as they are more than just cars for them. They are like a precious item with sentimental value and more than that an investment of years, blood and tears so they might not want to rent it out to others. Good luck though!