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This is awesome! Congrats on the launch
@gustaf Thanks Gustaf! 👍
The trainers are - literally - everywhere in SF:
Product doesn't really help connect you with professional personal trainers. Looks like just fitness enthusiasts that want to run a class outside of a traditional gym. Like a less organized fitmob.
@kunalcagarwal So we think passion combined with knowledge and skill-set is the most important thing when working with an instructor. This is why some of our instructors are educated, some are self-taught through competing and training on a competitive level. This means - If you want to find a professional PT this can easily be done, for example by simply using keywords like "certified" in the search function (around 50% of the SF instructors are certified, full time PT:s). As we think workouts is personal we want you to be able to find any type of workout, regardless of skill-level. Some of the sessions are held at gyms - some outside. You can always request a spot you're comfortable with. We have huge respect for Fitmob but one huge differentiator is that we provide you with one-on-one or small personal sessions across 15 workouts - all tailored to you needs.
Just scheduled one with a tennis instructor to try it out! App is really well designed. Good job guys.
@nikunj Thanks Nikunj! Would love to hear your feedback after your first Vint session:
@spencerchen Will do. You guys are like half a block away from our @Hall office. I saw an happy hour on Vint for the Vint office. I'll try to attend the next one.
There is a lot of assumptions to prove here, but this team is epic. Great energy and hustle. GO VINT! #sthlmtech